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This whole Celtics-Lakers NBA Finals thingamajig is pretty cool. I mean, just as I am quickly approaching my 29th birthday (otherwise known as the last birthday I shall ever celebrate, ever), I was in search of a way to recapture my childhood. Ta da! Enter a new sports championship series featuring old rivals in which EVERYONE will be talking about the 80s.

Larry Bird is da man

But, it’s not just the retro Celtics talk that’s got me in a good mood today. Knowing that so much of the sports-loving country hates Boston with a passion, it’s fun to know that while yet ANOTHER one of our beloved teams is seeking a championship, countless fans around the nation are groaning.

And on a sort of related note regarding the Sports Illustrated link above (I’m a month late by the way), a person in the comments said he hates the Red Sox because all of its fans are of the bandwagon variety. Hello? 86 years, my deluded friend. “There’s always next year.” If you’re going to hate on something, at least give the accurate reasons why. Bozo.


One year later


Celtics redux (or because I have nothing else to write about)


  1. Jonathan

    I will never question your allegiance to all things Boston. 🙂 But I will always Know when your birthday is:)

  2. I don’t doubt that many of the current vocal Boston fans have been loyal fans and that they are just coming out of the woodwork now that the teams are doing good. However, I would not doubt that many current fans are not loyal fans and are just jumping on the bandwagon.

  3. There’s always your mix of bandwagon/loyal fans. Seven years ago, no one liked the Patriots. I was relentlessly tortured after each loss (and win, for that matter). But it’s different with the Red Sox. Those fans are hardcore.

  4. There are always bandwagon fans. Here in Los Angeles, there are many loyal, die-hard Lakers fans, but around this time of the year EVERYONE becomes a Laker fan.


  5. Rays Republic

    Too bad all the loud mouth, obnoxious Boston fans will have little to cheer about after the Rays win the AL!

    Rays in 6

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