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Go Green!

Celtics I have to admit, I’m pretty excited about tonight’s Celtics-Lakers game. It looks like St. Patrick’s Day today – everywhere you look, everyone is wearing green (myself included). Maybe we could call it “St. Auerbach Day?” Hell, it’s gotta beat the purple and yellow Lakers fans are wearing… right?

I just think it’s about time the Celtics, Boston’s perennial champion of the 20th century, enter the new millennium and reclaim their place in town, you know, with the Red Sox and my Patriots showing them up lately.

At least today wasn’t unbearable at work. Shocking, I know. Actually it was kind of fun because this afternoon, a local cub scout came in to learn about newspapers for some boy scout badge, and I gotta tell ya, he was the cutest kid EVER! He couldn’t have been any older than seven but he actually showed interest in what I was saying. I’ve had boy scouts come in before for badges but this kid was the most fun. All told, he earned his badge and my dad didn’t suck as badly as usual. I’m even thinking of sneaking a little “hello” to him in tomorrow’s paper.


Beating L.A. never looked so good




  1. Better be careful what you sneak in to the paper or you might get “fired” again or worse…get fired for real 😀

  2. Nah, I don’t think the boss will mind on that one.

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