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There’s about 20 seconds left but I think it’s safe to say this game is done. Actually, I think it was safe to say that in the third quarter!


Go Green!


It never gets old


  1. Words really can’t describe last nights game. Celtics totally crushed and destroyed LA. It was so nice to see the look on Kobes face while we were embarrasing him. I love Boston energy when our teams start winning. Its infectious.

  2. Doug

    What an incredible evening. The night Paul Pierce became one of the greats….his place in the rafters solified. That MVP was 10 years waiting. Year after year I’ve watched games and seen Pierce fighting for it. It was a huge moment to see him earn something so well deserved. AND, because I hate the Lakers with every ounce of my being, I loved the complete embarrassment and humiliation of the Lakers and Kobe sulking off the court while the confetti fell from the rafters…BRILLIANT. I smiled. It was pure joy.

  3. Awesome!!

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