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This gave me a chuckle…

Anyone who has desperately wanted a ticket to Fenway Park badly enough to buy the “obstructed view” seats will understand this joyless reality…

The Indianapolis Colts’ new stadium has obstructed view seats. Nice.

I thought that since Fenway Park was built in the early 1910s, obstructed view seats were an annoying, but inescapable reality to large-scale construction. I’m no architect or anything, but I thought advancements in construction made majorly “obstructed views” a thing of the past. Guess not!

Either way, Gillette Stadium is still better. 😛


It feels like an eternity


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  1. Haha! And I bet they charge $60 for those seats too. At least they have cupholders!! Gillette is better 😀

  2. In the Indystar story, Colts officials say they’re not going to sell tickets to those seats. So why even bother putting seats in?

  3. Maybe that’s where they hid the loudspeakers to pump in the fake crowd noise. ha 😉

  4. It’s rediculous to spend the money installing the seats if they weren’t going to sell tickets for them, plus if they left them out it would be a good way to increase room for people to get past each other when walking opposite directions! I bet they do end up selling tickets for them; tickets that will be purchased by someone who doesn’t know any better!

  5. It is amazing that when building the that stadium the architects would see two GIANT pillars and not put seats behind them but rather something else, anything else like a fire hydrant or imagine something not very profitable like empty space so a football fan didn’t actually have to look at a steel shaft instead of the game.

  6. In the article it says those seats will be sold, but only after all other seats have been sold.. I feel bad for whoever gets those seats!

  7. I wonder if they even tell the people buy the tickets. I be mad if i bought tickets and I could not see the game. The could use it for a hot dog stand or something.

  8. I know the Red Sox clearly indicate their obstructed view seats. If they didn’t, people would freak.

  9. yea who knows what they were thinking witgh having seats there… i guess it would be nice to store some of ur stuff on them.

  10. Guess there aren’t many good architects in Indy.

  11. Nigel B

    Gillette has obstructed view seats as well. I sit in one 8 times a year. The Pats refuse to admit my seat is obstructed.

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