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Manny Ramirez is gone

No more Manny being Manny

Just because I’ve been so caught up in the return of the Patriots lately doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention to the Manny Ramirez drama over at Yawkey Way. And this whole thing doesn’t sit well with me. My stomach hurts thinking of Manny on a new team. I’m disappointed, to say the least and just like the Spygate hyperbole last fall, I think the media blew this story up to its max, and in a small way, I’m impressed with how easily “die-hard” fans were swayed.

Listening to the last hour of Dennis & Callahan¹ in the past week, one would think Manny was being brought up on rape charges, or something equally disgusting. Gerry Callahan was screaming, literally screaming, about Manny’s decision to skip a team visit to Walter Reed Medical Center. With all due respect, shouldn’t this have been screamed about in February, you know, when it first occurred? Now that Manny is unhappy we bring it up? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that was cool, but there’s far worse things for a player to do nowadays. I haven’t heard so much as a peep about Nick Kazcur, you know, the Patriots OL who was caught with a boatload of drugs and turned informant to weasel his own ass out of trouble. But then again, Manny climbing into the wall in left field is SO MUCH WORSE! To D&C’s credit, I do think they made a passing statement about Patriot Willie Andrews assaulting his fiance and shoving a gun in her face. But then again, Manny holding up a sign about Brett Favre is SO MUCH WORSE! That sign was like a proverbial gun shoved in all our faces, right?

After listening to WEEI in the last week I have learned a few things. Did you know Manny is responsible for the Red Sox getting swept by the currently best team in baseball? I could also make a case for Manny’s culpability in the Patriots losing the Super Bowl, the Celtics struggles to win on the road in the playoffs and the Bruins continued suckiness for the last ten years. I also think Manny is responsible for my miserable job and meaningless life. Dramatic? That’s how some Red Sox fans have sounded in the last two weeks.

And don’t for one minute think our rivals in the Bronx haven’t noticed. Kat O’Brien of New York’s Newsday suggests: The Red Sox, who just got swept by the Angels, got worse by giving up Manny Ramirez.

Manny did his own thing, whether we liked it or not, whether it benefited the team or not, but he was a great player. He did more than contribute, bringing the Red Sox to TWO World Series. Sure, his shenanigans grew tiresome but how the “Nation” turned on him makes my stomach sick. Hell, if it was me, I’d be standing in left field waving two middle fingers in the air.

Call me an “apologist,” a term I think is bullshit, but I’m going to miss Manny and I don’t think this bodes well for the Sox. Maybe I feel kindred with Manny because I, too, am disgruntled with my job. Hey, maybe I’m even *gasp* wrong, just like when Bill Belichick cut Lawyer Milloy and I thought it was the end of the world. But then again, the Patriots had just acquired Rodney Harrison who stepped in to fill Milloy’s shoes. I can’t really comment on Jason Bay because I’ve never even heard of him!

My dad swears he will never watch the Red Sox again. I’m not so sure though because he said the same thing after Johnny Damon left, and after Bronson Arroyo was traded, and although I was too young to remember, I’m sure he said the same thing when Roger Clemens left.

¹ For the record, I will only listen to Dennis & Callahan on Monday’s during football season when Tom Brady calls in, and in the few minutes prior to the best show on WEEI, Dale and Holley. Otherwise, those two piss me off to no end.


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  1. Awesome post Ang, could not have said it any better. I liked Manny and his ‘antics’ never bothered me. The press in this town have been on his ass for years and now their wish has come true. Manny is gone. I’m sure we’ll read all kinds of sentimental articles from the same papers that were ragging his ass all these years.

    When stuff like this happens I just say to my self, what would Bill Belichick do? If Manny was that disruptive and was determined to leave, maybe it’s for the best.

    In the end I just root for the laundry. Whoa this comment is long!! 😀

  2. PS > WEEI sucks. The only show I can honestly say I like is Planet Mikey at night.

  3. Ernie, I’m glad to know you are NOT one of those impressionable tards that claims to be a fan. I like to think I’m care about what kind of person a star athlete on my team is, but c’mon. What we see in public could be vastly different than how a player really is anyway. If we’re going to load our teams with nice guys, we might as well throw in the towel. Right?

    Plus, all this reminds me of when the media blowhards were FREAKING out about Randy Moss. Those same dumbass retards that were kissing his ass come January after he broke records for TD receptions and proved that, low and behold, he was a nice guy!

    Totally agreed on Planet Mikey. He won me over when he said, on air, that the Arizona Diamondbacks both sucked and blowed. But I love me some Mike Holley, too.

  4. Josh

    I don’t think anybody likes the way this ended. I think without placing blame we can all agree it wasn’t an ideal resolution. It really is depressing on a few levels.

    As for the baseball side of things, Jason Bay is a REALLY good player. It’s just that he’s been hidden away on the Pirates in the depths of the NL and unless you’re a fantasy baseball geek or write for Baseball Prospectus you probably wouldn’t know how good he is.

    He’s not the Manny of 3 or 4 years ago, but neither is Manny anymore. Their numbers are roughly the same and figure to be for the next few years as Manny is 36 and on the back end of his prime. While bay is 29 and still in the middle of his. Plus Bay is locked up for ’09 at less than half of what Manny is making.

    Plus Bay has always been on horrible Pirate teams with no protection around him in the line up. Put hitters like Papi, Drew, Youk and so on around him and his numbers could go up. Not to mention the Pirates home park is one of the worse hitters parks in baseball (a number of Bays stats were actually better on the road) and he now gets to play at Fenway.

    Can you tell that I’ve been looking for positives to this whole debacle? Fortunately there are some. Unfortunately the “House Organs” haven’t been one of them. House organs as I learned to day is a term for people in the media (writers, radio personalities) who will spin things in favor of teams/against certain players in order to gain favor/exclusive access to teams in return.

  5. Well, he looked good last night. It’s good to look at the positives, you optimist. 😀

    If anything, my biggest problem is with the media and the way they covered this whole thing. The way they gloated yesterday made me ill.

  6. Doug

    The antics dont bug me. I enjoyed them, every single one of them. His production for the team is invaluable and I enjoyed being at Fenway and watching him slam homers.

    Here’s my “but.”

    But, if you don’t want to be here – get the eff out. Boston is a sports town. We treat our players differently than other towns. Derek Lowe misses Boston and didnt want to be traded (maybe he should have not been a liability for the organization and erratic with his pitching) but Manny was always wanting out – half the time because his wife caught him cheating on her – and if you dont want to be here – get out.

    I took insult to “Boston doesnt deserve me” well you know what – he doesnt deserve us.

    Rodney Harrison said this week he wants to be here. Thats what I am talkin’ about.

  7. Well Rodney Harrison is in the upper echelon of awesomeness.

  8. I know Manny was a friggin goof but he will be missed regardless.

  9. gambitNJ

    You know full well I despise your team tremendously.. But truth of the matter is youll be better off without that f’in LOSER.. Only balllpayer I know who walks to first without running out a groundout.. He is only about himself

  10. Anyone who played for Boston wants to come back, it is the HOME of baseball.

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