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Andre Tippett inducted into the Football Hall of Fame

Andre Tippett was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday and I really, really wanted to be there. I would have been there, too, if it hadn’t been for that little firing incident back in June that prompted me to spend my vacation money on school tuition. No matter, in 10 to 15 years, my dad and I expect to see a few Patriots enshrined… at the very least Tom Brady, Randy Moss, and Richard Seymour.

Back to Andre… when he played I was just a little kid, playing with Barbie Dolls and Legos instead of watching football. But, despite my lack of knowledge on anything regarding football, I knew certain players who were my dad’s favorites. Those players included Steve Grogan, Mosi Tatupu, Russ Francis, Steve Nelson, and, of course, Andre Tippett.

Watching Robert Kraft present Andre made me proud to be a Patriots fan. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that Kraft was just a hapless fan in those days. In fact, as my dad likes to point out, his season tickets at Schaeffer Stadium were much better than Kraft’s. No metal benches for my dad.

Now, I just have to plan another trip to the Hall.


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You know football season is upon us when Angela writes about nothing but


  1. Dang sorry you did not get to go.

    Robert Kraft may be a bazillionaire and the team owner, but he is still one of us, a Pats fan.

  2. That’s what makes Robert Kraft so great. Thank goodness for Jonathan, too, so we won’t have to endure what’s going on in Buffalo and Pittsburgh and St. Louis.

  3. Doug

    How come your wearing a turtleneck and Dad is in short sleeves??? I am pissed as hell that american airlines doesn’t fly into CAK anymore. I guess a road trip will be in order. I will be retired and be able to see Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Richard Seymour and I hope Wes Welker too!

  4. That photo was taken on November 6, 2001. I was cold and my dad wasn’t. I was also totally in a turtleneck phase. We stopped on our way to Chicago. Totally worth it. If I drove, we could’ve made it there in less than a day.

    I think Brady and Moss are first ballot-ers. Seymour is in. My hopefuls include Welker, McGinest, and maybe even Wilfork. My pipe dream is Rodney Harrison, who should be a first balloter but that’s probably unlikely because of his reputation.

  5. Do you think Adam will ever get in? I think he should, even though he’s a kicker, but I’m biased. 🙂

    Gino deserves to be in there. Will it ever happen??


  6. Sooooo….things just kinda got weird 🙂

  7. Weird… or incredibly EXCITING!? The Pats secondary is DROOLING right now. Asante Samuel is wishing he could kick himself (you know, sprained hammy) now that he no longer has the opportunity to intercept Favre twice a year. Jets fans think they can now compete. I haven’t been this stunned in the morning since I saw Randy Moss was coming here.

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