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You know football season is upon us when Angela writes about nothing but

I’m a little worried about the quality of cheese in the next few months as last night, giving the final kill shot to Packers fans nationwide, Brett Favre was traded to the Jets. Meanwhile, in homes all across New Jersey, Jets fans rejoice.

And then New England woke up… and I think coffee shot out of the noses of quite a few. Because this shakes things up, makes things more interesting, but as any reasonable football fan will tell you (aside from nostalgic Packers fans and desperate Jets fans) this move will serve no other purpose than selling tickets to Giants Stadium.

If anything, I think this is a good day for Chad Pennington. Finally, he’ll flee a team whose fans cheered his injuries. He’ll flee a coach that rode Asante Samuel’s coattails to a head coaching job. My guess is he’ll end up in Miami with Bill Parcells, the man who initially drafted him. We all know Parcells loves to bring players he knows with him *cough Terry Glenn cough* and I can’t think of a team that needs a QB as much as Miami. PLUS, he’s coming from a division rival (plus), he’s already familiar with the AFC and its teams (double plus), and hell, Noodle Arm still beats the Lemon/Green/What’s-His-Name combo that cost Cam Cameron his job last season. AND he’ll be in Florida. Who doesn’t love Florida?! Florida rules!


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  1. I forgot that the so called fans in New Jersey cheered when he got hurt. Lame.

    Florida does rule, esp with my Wife and I freaking about how the hell we pay to heat the house this year.. !!

  2. One of the oil co. that advertise in my paper thinks the price of a gallon is going to plummet by labor day. My place has free heat & HW included in the rent.

  3. Nothing comes for free my friend 😉

  4. If I told you how cheap my rent was, you’d crap.

  5. ahh, Florida is not that great. Spent 3 years there. Trying celebrating Thanksgiving sweating your ass off on someones porch and the following morning driving by someones pink flamingo who has decided to put Christmas lights around its neck….not cool

  6. Pink Flamingos + Christmas lights = TOTAL AWESOMENESS 😀

  7. I like your blog but it’s hard to see some of the text. Just a thought to keep in mind.

  8. I’ve noticed it’s a little hard to read on my work computer. Thanks for the heads up, Barrett. I’ll try to contrast the text and background a little bit more.

  9. Brett Favre wont have the same performance at Jets thats true. There is no way he can perform better at any other team

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