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It’s so hard to say goodbye: Troy Brown retires

25 September 2008


I’m a little teary-eyed at the moment upon learning Troy Brown has retired. There’s been so many moments, so many big game… knowing that Troy Brown won’t be there anymore is weird. I have said this many times before, but screw it, I’ll say it again. Troy has been a Patriot as long as I’ve […]

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Idiots and Mangidiots

24 September 2008


OMG! OMG! THE RED SOX WON THE WORLD SERIES LAST NIGHT WHILE I SLEPT?! Oh, they only clinched a playoff spot? Really? Are you sure? Seems like a slightly excessive celebration for that, huh? *** During MNF… Jest Pronunciation: \ˈjest\ Function: noun 1: an utterance (as a jeer or quip) intended to be taken as […]

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Monday Morning Nose Tackle: Epic fail

22 September 2008


It was Week Three of the Matt Cassel Experiment and, after four maddening quarters, I’m begging for mercy. With Cassel at the helm of such a beautiful and talented offense, things came to a grinding halt. If you could call the Patriots offense a car, Cassel just burned out the clutch and dropped the transmission. […]

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Talk Like a Pirate Day Patriots-Dolphins preview

19 September 2008


Ahoy, mateys! Yer fair wench Angela here on Talk like a Pirate Day! Th’ Swashbucklin’ Matt Cassel and th’ great grand Patriots be battlin’ th’ scurvy dogs from thar Miami! Arr, ye scallywag Joey Porter be talkin’ ’bout stealin’ th’ booty from me matey Cassel. Cassel be no lily-livered swab! Shiver me timbers! Me thinks […]

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Monday Morning Nose Tackle: Week Two

15 September 2008


If there’s one thing I have learned in the wake of Tom Brady’s season ending knee injury it’s that people, by and large, are sick, disgusting assholes who cheer and celebrate a physical trauma endured by another person. I don’t care what team one plays for, I would never cheer an injury. Last season, for […]

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