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Wow, it has been a long season already

For the second year in a row, the Monday after Kick Off Sunday has been suck-ass. First Spygate, now Tom-Brady-ACL-gate. Can’t I catch a break?!

In all seriousness, I’ve been so consumed by personal drama and the crisis of a loved one, I think I’m emotionally prepared for this kind of thing. It would have been nice to have a good Patriots season to take my mind off of things but that’s not going to be the case.

But, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t offer my thoughts, right? And, if there’s one facet of my life that I am the eternal optimist, it’s the Patriots. Let’s go…

That was not a dirty hit. C’mon guys. We bitch and moan when Vince Wilfork gets fined (for hits that I don’t think are dirty) and now when it happens against us, we freak out? Sure, Randy Moss thinks it was dirty. Tom’s his boy. Sometimes it doesn’t surprise me that our fanbase is despised throughout the land.

Since it did happen, and it does look like it’s the ACL, Week One is the best time for it to happen. Carson Palmer suffered a similar injury in the 2005 playoffs against the Steelers… an injury that appears to be worse than what Brady has endured. He was ready to go a few short months later. Of course, that’s a miraculous recovery but Brady will have a FULL 12 MONTHS of healing and rehabilitation.

Last I checked, it was a 53-man roster. I love that the national media thinks the Patriots are going to sink to the bottom of the AFC East. Hey, guys, the world thinks you’re nothing without #12. Whatcha think about that?

I could win games at quarterback with that offense. For real. It’s not going to be pretty but it’s not over.

It will push some fair-weather fake fans off the bandwagon. Smell y’all later, fuckheads.

The Patriots finish the season 10-6 and still win the AFC East. Yep, I said it.




Monday Morning Nose Tackle: Week Two


  1. I was thinking some of the same thoughts around how 2nd year in a row the season once again started with badness. Whoever it is at QB will still have a great receiving core and a good running game. He will have to manage the game and limit the screw-ups. Our D probably won’t have 21 point cushions to play with. They’ll need to step it up and win some games for us. Preventing K.C. from scoring from the 5 yesterday was a good start.

  2. doug

    You gotta love the talking heads and the huge spins on everything. No, it was not a dirty hit. The team itself played well despite losing Brady. I saw good stuff from the defense and some good stuff from the O once they wiped the butter off their hands. You can win a game by 1 point and a win is a win.

    We rallied around Brady in ’01 and we should be rallying around Cassell now. They’ll readjust since Cassell can’t read the way Brady can, but give Cassell some real time and he can do the job.

    With NE’s schedule 10-6 should be easy.

    Tom Bradys injury will no doubt chase off the fairweather fans and you know I’m all for getting rid of the bandwagon. Hey America, get off our nuts. Thank you.

  3. melanie

    very sad to be losing tommy because he is such a charismatic and complete player. i could rave on him all day long.

    i will, however, rally around ‘the boys’ with Cassel at the helm. i can’t explain it, i just have a feeling he is gonna prove to be solid. not great but dependable. (if BB decides to use him, that is)

    we shall see…

    also hoping for a good recovery for tom, acl tears are a b*tch.

  4. doug

    I had physical therapy today and my PT said when the trainers did an “Anterior Draw test” on him, and moved his leg “you could see his ACL was gone” and that it would be amazing for any PT student to see. She said even before the Press conference, which confirmed what she said, he was done for the year and his therapy would be very much like what I am doing right now.

  5. doug

    Oh yeah, and that he didnt go home after the game – they braced his leg to limit the movements of the leg and did the MRI almost immediately.

  6. melanie

    what does your therapy consist of doug? what’s the healing time frame?

  7. gambitNJ

    Randy Moss is a wanker who has his head so far stuck up his own a@@.. Good Riddance to Brady, now all ya need to do is get rid of your cheating Head Coach, then MAYBE your Team might become a respectful team!

  8. Just noticed the band-aid on Brady’s knee in your banner. Heh. Funny. but not funny. Arg 🙁

    A co-worker just dropped into my cube to tell me there’s lots of Pats tickets available for sale online now… fair-weather fans.. good riddance!

  9. Doug

    what does your therapy consist of doug? what’s the healing time frame?

    I get a massage with some cream and some electronic machine thing and I do “open chain” leg movements on my hamstring/knee from laying down and standing positions and I also do exercises with a foam roller.

    I do not require surgery as of yet, I am getting my MRI worked out with the insurance, but so far it’s working.

    Tom Brady will be, according to my PT, doing more “closed chain” movements than I do because he is getting surgery.

    I will tell you this. Rehabbing this shit is a nightmare. If I even move my me leg 5 degrees the wrong way in 5 seconds I can fuck up my leg for the whole day and limp wicked bad. This is some wicked serious shit. the ACL and MCL are nothing to sneer at. They may be small but they dominate.

    If I have sympathy for anybody right now, it’s our boy TB.

  10. Doug

    I forgot – my rehab time is different than his. My PT says Tom Brady has an maybe months of rehab.

  11. Doug


    My PT says Tom Brady has maybe 9 months of rehab.

  12. Ugh! and I got Tom Brady on my fantasy football team. I thought I was going to kick ass this year.

  13. Sorry to hear about the crisis of your loved one….I like your point about it being a 53-man roster.

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