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Monday Morning Nose Tackle: Week Two

If there’s one thing I have learned in the wake of Tom Brady’s season ending knee injury it’s that people, by and large, are sick, disgusting assholes who cheer and celebrate a physical trauma endured by another person. I don’t care what team one plays for, I would never cheer an injury.

Last season, for example, when Jets’ quarterback Chad Pennington was clobbered and hobbled, I was horrified when I heard roaring cheers from Giants Stadium. If Jets “fans” enjoy the injury of their own player, then I guess it’s no surprise they celebrate Tom’s injury. I mean, they know they’d never beat the Patriots with Brady at the helm, right?

Whenever I see a player go down, no matter what team or position, my heart skips a beat. It’s sad that “fans” forget those are human beings and not robots. Love ’em or hate ’em.

But, after witnessing the happiness around the league, especially the “YAHOO!” headline on the NY Post, I wanted the Patriots to win yesterday. Badly. Not since last year’s regular season Chargers match-up have I wanted a win so badly.

And after four quarters, I got what I wanted.

Matt Cassel was no Tom Brady, clearly, but he was efficient and he got the job done. As predicted, Wes Welker was his go-to guy and I expect that to continue for the next few weeks. And Belichick’s decision to keep five running backs on the roster seems almost prophetic now, doesn’t it? The Patriots defense looked great, with the sole exception being against that little shifty, speedy back Leon Washington. Man, is that guy good. Ellis Hobbs appears to relish the role of being the #1 corner. And Dom Capers must have been throwing balls at Brandon Meriweather all week because he finally was able to snatch one and hold on! The afternoon was capped off when Adalius Thomas took down Brett Favre with one of the best sacks I have ever seen.

But now with his first start under his belt, I expect Matt Cassel to only get better. Bring on the fish.


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  1. A very satisfying win after the disgusting display of celebration that went on by so called football fans around the league last week (I can think of a better word to describe them).

    Another important divisional game this week against the not to be overlooked Fish. Then the bye which will come at a nice time too. I was lamenting the early bye when the schedule first came out, but under the circumstances it certainly comes at a very good time

  2. I agree with you 100%, I hate when people cheer when someone gets injured, these people are just morons.

    I love the people saying Matt Cassell is no Tom Brady, well duh there is not one quarterback in the league that is like Tom Brady.

    Great post and nice blog 🙂

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