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It’s so hard to say goodbye: Troy Brown retires

A true Patriot

I’m a little teary-eyed at the moment upon learning Troy Brown has retired. There’s been so many moments, so many big game… knowing that Troy Brown won’t be there anymore is weird.

I have said this many times before, but screw it, I’ll say it again. Troy has been a Patriot as long as I’ve been a fan. Back in the day, when Terry Glenn would get hurt, Troy would step in. When Shawn Jefferson left, Troy stepped up. When Drew Bledsoe went down, Troy was there to help rear Tom Brady. Half of the secondary goes down, who steps in? Troy. Need another quarterback? Troy’s there. He’s done EVERYTHING for the Patriots.

People talk about Bill Belichick showing loyalty to no one but even carrying Troy on the roster last season, for no reason, shows his feelings toward the eternal Patriot. And Troy has shown that loyalty in return, taking a hometown discount instead of playing for New Orleans, and again this off season, as we now know, he turned down an opportunity to play for the Jets because it “didn’t feel right.” Other players like Willie McGinest and Drew Bledsoe will always be Patriots despite ending their careers with other teams. But Troy will ALWAYS be a Patriot. Truly.

And last year’s miffed punt aside, one of Troy’s last moments as a Patriots was another of a long list of exciting plays… you know what I’m talking about… stripping Marlon McCree of his interception in the 2006 playoffs. The thing that always stands out in my mind about Troy is that he lacked that God-given talent like a T.O. or Randy but through work and perseverance, he made the big plays.

Oh man, I’m going to miss him like crazy. I hope he stays active within the organization like Andre Tippett or the Steves (Nelson and Grogan). I’m sure he will.


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  1. One of the greatest Patriots players of all time. I am glad I got to watch him play and I’m sure going to miss him.

    People sometimes refer to Wes Welker as the ‘new’ Troy Brown. While that is a nice compliment to Welker, Brown is an irreplaceable player.

    As Gil Santos often said, Troy Brown: Football Player

  2. melanie

    i’m sort of at a loss because i feel like he has always been there.
    as long as i have been a devoted fan, troy was a fixture on the team.
    he is dependable, loyal, a play maker, talented, classy, versatile, and total team oriented athlete.
    i love him because to me he is what i think of when i think “A NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT”.
    i won’t lie, i shed tears when i heard him announce his retirement. my biggest consolation is that we haven’t seen the last of him. hall of fame (which he freakin’ deserves- and i wanna be there when it happens!!!!) and maybe some announcing or coaching (with the pats of course) gigs.

    we owe him so much. i hope he knows his fans love him!! 🙂
    i’m a ball of mush right now.

  3. I couldn’t have said it better myself, Melanie.

  4. Doug

    He goes down not only as one of the most talented receivers line up but one of the most talented players to wear a uniform.

    Both of my jerseys have been troy brown for years and he’s been my favorite player for 13 years.

    Retirement is the sad day in the life of a pro ball player but when he wasnt on the active roster I knew retirement would come this season and it’s no surprise. He’s had the kind of career most players dream of.

    If there isnt a highlight DVD I will be bullshit.

  5. melanie

    i’ll be right there with ya, Doug.
    how ‘s the physical therapy going?

  6. Doug

    I’m glad that Troy is retiring now on top instead of trying to go out like Jerry Rice, which IMO, was pretty sad.

    P.S. I hate bye weeks.
    P.S. I saw a picture of Tom Brady taken a few days ago in New York walking down the street with his football beard with Gisele holding his little shopping bag. OUR QB HAS A SEASON ENDING INJURY and he’s WALKING down the street SHOPPING. WALKING. WHERES THE BRACE? SHOPPING. SHOPPING. He’s supposed to go for surgery in like 2 weeks and his knee doesnt look bad from that picture. SHOPPING. He’s turned into such a wuss. I’m sick of the modeling, the designer fashion, and all the news of him going to fancy shmancy clubs. He’s such a pansy now.

    Therapy? It’s ok. The hamstring is doing quite well but there are still some tender muscle structure things above the knee that if I even move my knee in a circular motion will knot them up for days and I’m so sick of it I’m ready to go postal. But at least I can go the gym again. Thank you for asking Melanie.

  7. Tom Brady can dance through Times Square in a pink tutu for all I care.

  8. melanie

    now that would be a funny sight, Angela 🙂
    would he be wearing one of those ‘pink’ #12 shirts, too?!?!

  9. ha ha that would be perfect!

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