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Angela’s Patriots-Rams postgame thoughts

I’m too tired/annoyed/detoxing-from-caffeine to write anything coherent.

  • It’s time to cut the bullshit and rightfully declare that Wes Welker is one of the best WRs in the NFL.
  • Methinks Matt Cassel might actually be improving, ever-so-slightly.
  • Methinks Ellis Hobbs, love him or hate him, is one of the toughest bastards on the team.
  • Howie Long’s kid looked pretty good.
  • BTW, My dad has a mancrush on Howie Long.
  • My love for Jerod Mayo grows exponentially each week.
  • Oh shit, I just realized I’m running late for work!


I follow a strict schedule on Sundays during football season: 12 Noon, watch pre-game. 1 p.m., watch game one. 4-ish p.m., watch game two. 7:30-ish, watch post-game then Sunday Night Football pre-game. 8:30 p.m., watch Sunday Night Football. 11:30-ish, fall asleep.

I really hate the Sunday in October when the NFL concedes its prime time slot to the World Series. I want a football game but instead my only option is the stupid World Series. Boo! It wasn’t too bad last year when the Red Sox won the World Series on Sunday and I was able to watch not only the game, but the post-game riot. That’s always entertaining.

Yawn, maybe I’ll just go to sleep early or something.

Broken Hearted

Sure, the Patriots kicked the Denver Broncos in their shins last night. Sure, the Patriots almost never beat the Denver Broncos. Sure, Matt Cassel put up Brady-esque numbers last night. It all means nothing to me because my favorite player EVER may have played his last down last night.

The last thing I said to my dad last night regarding Rodney Harrison prior to his potentially career-ending injury: “Rodney’s not dirty. He’s just passionate.”


I’m not gonna lie. My eyes teared today as details of Rodney Harrison’s quad injury emerged. I nearly balled when the guys on WEEI discussed Rodney’s shot at the Hall of Fame. When I got home from work, my dad asked me how I was doing as if I had just lost a friend. In other words, today sucked.

And no, I didn’t take Tom Brady’s injury this hard. Why? Well, for starters, it’s almost a given that Brady will be back next season. AND, considering how many playoff games Brady has started (17… no shit, that’s a full season plus one!), maybe he could use a year to heal.

And before you say, well Rodney’s lost a step… Yeah, and that’s why he’s second on the defense in tackles (27) behind only 22-year-old Jerod Mayo. And spare me the HGH argument. He was punished. Unlike other stars, he admitted his mistake.

Rodney’s injury leaves a gaping hole on the defense. Although, unlike last time when Rodney was injured, we have James Sanders to fill in instead of Eugene Wilson. That’s a whopper upgrade.

So, while the team pulled off a great victory last night (which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way), I can’t truly be happy today because now, I fear, I will never see Rodney Harrison play again. 🙁

Get better, Rodney! Come back if you can but if not, I’m going to miss you like crazy. 🙁

*runs off crying*

It’s OK to root for the Rays

Even though we didn’t achieve the desired result last night in Game 7 of the ALCS, this year’s defeat doesn’t sting like it had in years past *cough*2003*cough*. They fought hard with what they had and for that, I’m grateful. I’m not sure what would have put them over the edge but my dad is convinced. I’m not going to say his thoughts for fear of inciting a riot but all I’ll say is it starts with an “M” and rhymes with “Fanny.”

But now that it’s over, with the sound of cowbells still ringing in my ears, in a small way I am almost happy for the youngins in Tampa.

Why it’s OK to root for the Rays:
* It’s not like it’s been 86 years since we last won a championship.
* They are the anti-Yankees.
* It’s their first time.
* You have to admit, they are pretty talented.

That’s all I can think of. Either way… GO PATS!

Daniel Graham hates Boston :(

8 billion years ago I subscribed to Sporting News and for some crazy reason, they keep sending it to me despite not having renewed the subscription for the last 7 billion years. Not that I’m complaining though… I like Sporting News, especially since its recent retooling.I’ve got all my old editions with Tom Brady as the “Sportsman of the Year” and all the years Boston was selected as the “Best Sports City of the Year.” You can imagine how excited I was Friday afternoon when my copy of SN was jammed through my apartment’s mail slot and I saw that Boston had once again received this prestigious honor. It would’ve been nice if Dan Shaughnessy hadn’t written the article but whatever. No complaints.

But then I read through the other 400 cities Sporting News ranked. A random assortment of cities were highlighted with famous figures writing a blurb about why their hometown is #1 and I noticed our old friend, Daniel Graham, former Patriot and current tight end for the Denver Broncos wrote about why Denver is the Best Sports City in America.

“I don’t like Boston,” he writes. “I hate the Celtics, and I hate the Red Sox. I really wasn’t too much into baseball, but they make you choose, you know? Red Sox or Yankees. So I was a Yankees fan.”

OUCH! I guess Vince Wilfork never invited him to a Celtics game.

Daniel Graham adds, “They weren’t selling out anything in the basketball arena, but all of a sudden the Celtics got some good players and they’re all basketball fans again.”

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN! Although, I can’t really argue that one. B.K.G. (Before Kevin Garnett) they really weren’t selling out. But then again, who wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a team with the most losses in the Eastern Conference? It was also depressing given the history of the team.

I just didn’t realize Graham hated us so much. Maybe he’s just bitter about all the times he dropped gimmie passes from Brady in the end zone? Who knows.

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