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Broken Hearted

Sure, the Patriots kicked the Denver Broncos in their shins last night. Sure, the Patriots almost never beat the Denver Broncos. Sure, Matt Cassel put up Brady-esque numbers last night. It all means nothing to me because my favorite player EVER may have played his last down last night.

The last thing I said to my dad last night regarding Rodney Harrison prior to his potentially career-ending injury: “Rodney’s not dirty. He’s just passionate.”


I’m not gonna lie. My eyes teared today as details of Rodney Harrison’s quad injury emerged. I nearly balled when the guys on WEEI discussed Rodney’s shot at the Hall of Fame. When I got home from work, my dad asked me how I was doing as if I had just lost a friend. In other words, today sucked.

And no, I didn’t take Tom Brady’s injury this hard. Why? Well, for starters, it’s almost a given that Brady will be back next season. AND, considering how many playoff games Brady has started (17… no shit, that’s a full season plus one!), maybe he could use a year to heal.

And before you say, well Rodney’s lost a step… Yeah, and that’s why he’s second on the defense in tackles (27) behind only 22-year-old Jerod Mayo. And spare me the HGH argument. He was punished. Unlike other stars, he admitted his mistake.

Rodney’s injury leaves a gaping hole on the defense. Although, unlike last time when Rodney was injured, we have James Sanders to fill in instead of Eugene Wilson. That’s a whopper upgrade.

So, while the team pulled off a great victory last night (which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way), I can’t truly be happy today because now, I fear, I will never see Rodney Harrison play again. 🙁

Get better, Rodney! Come back if you can but if not, I’m going to miss you like crazy. 🙁

*runs off crying*


It’s OK to root for the Rays




  1. Douglas

    I couldn’t believe when they said on ESPN that Rodney Harrison was the diriest player. WTF! I guess they never heard of the Oakland Raiders. Yea Yea Yea, so Cassel had a game, but Denver’s defense is that bad. I also heard that Brady had a second operation, I hope he is good to go and his old self for next season. Let’s hope Morris’s injury is nothing serious too.

  2. I feel so bad for Rodney. I’m not saying it’s the end, but it’s not looking to good for him at this point.

    When I saw Rodney get carted off I was thinking of ya.

    This fully sucks.

  3. Doug

    WHAT THE F***, MAN!
    WHAT THE F***!!!!

    I’m slightly a little bulls*t over the possibility that Rodneys injury is career-ending. Ca-reer en-ding. DAMMMMMMMIT!

  4. Every time I think about it, I want to cry. 🙁 And then listening to jackasses talk about how he shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame makes me want to puke. Then, looking at my Super Bowl 39 football autographed by Deion Branch with the scribble “SB 39 MVP” underneath it when I know Rodney was the REAL MVP of that game, makes me want to barf.

  5. Doug

    I get so bulls*it over that.

    The man *IS* a hall of famer.

    For Gods sake, Ronnie Lott can be in HoF and Rodney Harrison cant? I swear to fu**in’ Christ people are on crack.

  6. Doug

    Is there something in the water? This got passed to me. It infuriates me and furthers my current contempt for Gisele’s bitch-boy:

    the Patriots as an organization are upset with the whole situation. Especially because they had made it clear that they wanted his surgery done by the doctors they carefully chose in Boston.

    Sources report that Brady decided not to listen to them, and chose to have surgery in California by a doctor his family and girlfriend preferred, and now look at the problems he’s having.

    By now Brady should have been back in new England, but no new schedule has been made for his return. A close inside source says, “Tom is looking at months, not weeks, to fix this.” Brady will need to stay in Los Angeles as he’s in a six-week course of intravenously administered antibiotics and still needs to have follow-up exams. However, if the infection isn’t put under control soon, then the tendon graft used to replace his ligament could become compromised. And if that happens, Brady might have to undergo yet another surgery.

  7. Dirty players my ass, we are good and people hate us.

  8. Nah, they released this tonight.

    I’m not worried. My dad had staph infections like that a few times, even MRSA. And my dad’s a “sick, old man”… his words, not mine. Tom will be fine. Worst case scenario, he misses part of preseason.

  9. Doug

    I love all the comments to that story.

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