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So bad, I could almost taste vomit

30 November 2008


There have been few Patriots games I have watched with my dad in which he becomes so enraged, he storms out of the room. This afternoon was one of them as the Patriots imploded against the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you could find one positive in today’s putrid performance it’s that I will (hopefully) no longer […]

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It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

29 November 2008


The return of the All-Patriots Christmas Tree… Best idea I ever had.

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Go away

25 November 2008


BROKEN RECORD ALERT: I’m still at work and I can’t figure out which is worse, the fact that all I’ve had to eat today was a bag of stale Doritos or the fact that I’m so exhausted, I don’t know if I can safely drive home. Either way, the papers are just about sent and […]

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Angela watched football today

23 November 2008


My dad and I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Patriots-Dolphins game even though it never felt like a solid win until the final minutes. For some reason, neither of us were nervous. I guess it’s just the drastically lowered expectations we have for this season, or maybe it’s just our undying faith and loyalty to Bill Belichick. […]

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Ram it

22 November 2008

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This is reason #459237210596 of why the 80s were so friggin awesome! This video also blows the Super Bowl Shuffle away. (Thanks, Tanner & Deadspin!)

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