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There are Patriots losses that make me sick to my stomach (Super Bowl 42), that sit with me for days on end. Then, there are losses that make me angry, games that I badly wanted the Patriots to win (San Diego). THEN, there are losses like last night’s against the Colts, and in any other season I would have been literally dying, but it just doesn’t feel so bad. It’s a “Glass-Half-Full” loss, I guess.

Before you jump down my throat ranting and raving on what could have been, let me explain. You see, last night, I saw improvement – Real, Solid improvement – from Matt Cassel. I saw a rookie running back (Green-Ellis… “Law Firm” – I love it!) do something that I haven’t seen in three years of Laurence Maroney. I witnessed a secondary, minus its veteran leadership (Harrison) and full of rookies and cast-offs contain one of the NFL’s most prolific passing attacks.

Don’t get me wrong, I wanted a win and I think if you remove a few key moments *looks at Dave Thomas and Jabar Gaffney* in the game the Patriots would have won. But (here’s where the glass-half-full thing comes in), this wasn’t a must-win game. It was a “should-win” game. Next week against the Buffalo Bills is must win and judging by what I saw yesterday, I’m confident that the Pats will leave with a win.


Angela’s Patriots-Rams postgame thoughts


God (or in this case, NFL Schedulers) hates me


  1. I agree, for having a QB that spent most of his life on a bench I think he is doing damn good. He is clearly starting to connect with other players and on a few occasions his pass was a perfect 10 and the receiver dropped it.

  2. Doug

    The call on Thomas was blown far out of proportion when the energy spent on that should have been spent on some down right ridiculous coaching. Yeah that was a shoulda-win game.
    The red zone looked a little weak and using the wildcat a second time was a mistake. They are limiting their playbook too much and where are the trick plays the Pats of yesteryear are known for? The blitz and the rush are all but shot.

    P.S. Once again, Faulk was awesome. The man can go 1000 draw plays in a game.

  3. gambitNJ

    Hey Angela…. Guess what?????

    J-E-T-S ……. JETS!JETS! JETS!

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