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I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart.

I feel like I just watched a Patriots game and – BLAM! – tonight there’s another one. Is this what it’s like to be a baseball/hockey/basketball/some other sport that plays more than once a week fan? Pretty cool.

But tonight’s Patriots game is of CRITICAL importance because…
a) The victor takes the reigns of the top spot in the AFC East and

b) I hate Eric Mangini with the fire of a thousand suns and watching “Fredo” (HA HA!) pout on the sideline takes my mind off my own meager existence and

rat bastard

c) I’m skipping class for this game so the Patriots better damn well make it worth my time.




I can admit when I’m wrong


  1. Doug

    Mangini’s a fucking rat. I hate him as much as you do. P.S. I love the Fredo joke.

  2. gambitNJ

    The Patriots RULE! I love them. I think the Jets should fire Mangini. If only we had kept Belichick. WAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH WAAAAAAAAAAAAH

  3. Wow, Gambit. Your crappy team, 80-year-old whiny asshole of a quarterback, and fat piece of shit cumsucker of a coach BARELY beat a team missing its star QB, star RB, Star LB, star safety, running rookies at corners. And still your team almost lost. Change the coin toss to heads and your crappy team loses. So suck on that fuckface!

  4. gambitNJ

    Go whine to BeliPuke that The Patriots SUCK ASS! You know its true!!!! The ENTIRE state Of Mass. is one big Toilet Bowl fulla SHIT!

  5. Douglas

    Gee Gambit if I remember right, when you first enter the garbage state aka as nj it was a big dump. You know where they built that crappy stadium. Patriots are a better team than the nj jets. I nuried has hurt us but we still almost pulled out the game. If the nj jets get to the playoffs, they will be gone in the first game.

    Angela last night game reminds of the super bowl. Just couldn’t get the defense on track to hold. Yes we have injuries, no excuses, but the blown coverages, and as you mentioned before, the fans in the stand need to open there mouths. NOISE!!! I was screaming lounder than the stadium.

  6. Doug

    Angela dont forget some really shaky calls by refs who were obviously favoring the New Jersey Jets but you’re right about everything else.

  7. I guess I should apologize, Gambit. I was having a pretty rough day at work. I didn’t mean to be so honest about your team. 😀

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