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Angela watched football today

My dad and I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Patriots-Dolphins game even though it never felt like a solid win until the final minutes. For some reason, neither of us were nervous. I guess it’s just the drastically lowered expectations we have for this season, or maybe it’s just our undying faith and loyalty to Bill Belichick. Either way, today was fun.

Yet again, Matt Cassel was throwing like a champ. That kid has improved so much since August, it’s hard to even imagine how badly he looked in preseason. I can’t even begin to explain how badly I underestimated the importance of actual game experience. I figured you watch film, you have the physical ability and you are always in practice, it shouldn’t matter. And once again, I have affirmed Reason #1 on why I am not an NFL coach.

Sidenote: I’ve noticed a recent wave of search engine traffic to my site via the keywords, “Matt Cassel shirtless.” Unfortunately, I do not have any shirtless Matt Cassel pictures on my site. In fact, I didn’t know I even had the word, “shirtless” on my site. I hate to disappoint.

Anyway, although Matt Light will probably be suspended, and I’m not exactly sure what caused it, but his brawl with Channing Crowder was pretty friggin awesome. A little bitch-fight-ish with the hair-pulling (for those who have never been in a girl fight, the number one move is to grab the hair, pull the head down and punch) but hilarious nonetheless.

My favorite line came when announcer Dan Dierdorf proclaimed, “This isn’t hockey!”

For Light’s sake, I hope Crowder said/did something worthy of a suspension and fine.

Other NFL thoughts: I think Tennessee was due a loss as they have not impressed me one bit. I’m still stand by my belief that the New York Giants are the best team in the NFL.

I’m having severe difficulty rooting for the Chargers tonight despite it being in the Patriots best interests that the Colts lose tonight. Then again, it’s tough to root for the Colts merely because I hate the Chargers. If I was God, and since there’s no way they can both lose, I’d make them tie. 😀

BUT, after watching a bunch of Chargers games this season, and even though I hate the Chargers, they really have been getting some ridiculously shitty, downright wrong officiating calls against them. NFL officiating is an inexact science but some of these calls tonight (Chargers-Colts) are absurd.


Ram it


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  1. It is too bad that Light could not have kept his head because you are right he will probably be suspended and with Pitt coming up.. that’s not good.

    I watched the game without the radio as I was not home and I continue to be shocked at how horrible TV game announcing is. Gil and Gino = The Balls.

  2. Doug

    Light has let a few rushers through this season. It’s annoying. I think it’s time to let LeVoir see some playing time.

    Channing Crowder put Welker on the ground pretty hard in the 1st. I know that’s not the reason but Crowder is a punk and that’s good enough for me to start pounding a punk linebacker into the ground ha ha!

  3. Doug

    I would just like to say that it still sucks the team doesnt have Willie McGinest and Corey Dillion.

  4. On WEEI today, Wilfork didn’t say what Crowder said to Light but he alluded that it was really personal and mean.

  5. gambitNJ

    Typical Mass. fans cheering for their thugs of sports

  6. Doug

    OH Jeez. Typical bulls..t from a new jersey jets fan.

  7. Doug

    It will be awesome if Matty doesn’t get anything more than a slap on the wrist. Crowder’s a punk.

  8. I don’t think he’ll be suspended. Fined like a mofo, but suspended, no.

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