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BROKEN RECORD ALERT: I’m still at work and I can’t figure out which is worse, the fact that all I’ve had to eat today was a bag of stale Doritos or the fact that I’m so exhausted, I don’t know if I can safely drive home. Either way, the papers are just about sent and Hell Weekend is almost over. Pheww!

But, I have been sitting here working all day listening to WEEI, and since I’m both starving and sleep-deprived (no food + no sleep = insanely psycho Angela), if I hear one more radio caller suggest that Tom Brady be benched/traded in favor of Matt Cassel I will go completely BALLISTIC. I mean, downright, straight-up crazy. As in, make-it-my-life’s-mission-to-find-these-callers-just-so-I-can-punch-them-in-the-face… crazy.

I am so sick of being associated with some of these run-of-the-mill bandwagon Patriots fans. I don’t think there has ever been more concrete evidence of how stupid some Patriots “fans” are (and I use the term “fan” VERY loosely).

Years ago, my dad warned me of the horrors of the typical fake fan. And if anyone knows, it’s him. He PAID for Patriots season tickets from 1971 to 1994! My dad went to every game in 1990. My dad endured a three decades of futility. He suffered through the “walk of shame” trying to exit the Superdome in January of 1986 after Super Bowl 20, surviving the barrage of taunts from Bears fans. If anyone KNOWS bandwagon fans, it’s my dad.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I like Matt Cassel. Even when he wasn’t playing well, I still liked him. I didn’t want him leading my team, but I still liked him, if you can make any sense of that. Matt Cassel is going to make a great leader for a team in dire need of a quarterback. He’s also going to make a lot of money. And, so long as that team isn’t the Jets, I couldn’t be happier for him.

But to insist that the Pats try and trade Tom Brady is so laughable, so absurd, so frustratingly retarded…. I JUST WANT TO SCREAM! It’s so INCREDIBLY MORONIC I CAN’T EVEN FORM SENTENCES OR TYPE WORD#@()$* (JFKJQ#$ %$@#(_*^%(#! @$% %$()%*_ @^ $#@%^ GFDYJ @#()%U!@ #$ TFDGL:45843286……….


Angela watched football today


It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


  1. Jonathan

    As someone who knows Angela personally, i can not express the upmost empathy i have towards the “fans” that she is expressing her frustations towards.LISTEN. Mr Rick and Her know football.Do not,and i repeat, give uon on Tom Brady. They [the Patriots] have given her determination and perserveiance that i envy.

  2. You already know I hate weei. Planet Mikey at night is the only thing worth listening to..

  3. Shoulda heard it today, some guy thinks that if we trade Tom, we can get a solid defensive back

    *falls out of chair, dying*

  4. Doug

    People are so retarted. Tom is still at the next level of QB’ing that Matt Cassel is not going to be at with one season of playing time. Sure their first 7 games as a starter are very comparable, but Tom went the next level. He doesn’t rush much and he doesn’t scramble much and he knows how to do both without taking big hits and historically isn’t sacked often. Tom’s playing next year.

  5. Yeah, Brady also did it without the assistance of Welker, Moss, and a solid offensive line. Don’t get me wrong, I loved all the boys in 2001, but c’mon!

  6. doug

    Tom Brady did it without this years WR threats, but for a few years after his inaugural season, he did have some serious WR talent like Troy Brown and he had a seriously dangerous running back like Corey Dillion to help him develop his reads and timing. I wish they ran plays this year like they did in those years. That’s where I think Matt has to develop. They need more than draw plays, simple screens, and out of the shotgun.

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