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The end

29 December 2008


Reason #1 on why I’m not super disappointed that the Patriots won’t make the playoffs this year: Because I remembered that Brett Favre is quarterback of the New Jersey Jets and I remembered that he sucks and when something big is on the line, the absolute last person in the world you want to hold […]

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22 December 2008


All I want for Christmas is a New York Jets victory! Wait… WHAT?!?! Yesterday, the Patriots’ playoff hopes were kept alive, no thanks to the Dallas Suckboys and the Kansas City Queefs, when the Seattle Seahawks knocked off the New Jersey Jets. I especially enjoyed the almost eulogy-like discussion the analytical panel on NBC’s “Football […]

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We’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses except our religion is cool

15 December 2008


My dad and I have been in the process of converting my little sister into a psycho-Patriots fanatic like us for a few years now and I think our evil plot is beginning to stick. Little Sis now comes over every Sunday to watch the games. Of course, she has her Sidekick glued to her […]

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Getting caught up

9 December 2008


I’ve been so wrapped up in the completion of my semester and the ever-pressing holiday nightmare at work I forgot to bitch and complain about the Patriots becoming the latest victims of Roger Goodell’s crazy international experiment! Sorry, what has it been, like two weeks since this was announced? So next season, the Patriots will […]

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