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Reason #1 on why I’m not super disappointed that the Patriots won’t make the playoffs this year: Because I remembered that Brett Favre is quarterback of the New Jersey Jets and I remembered that he sucks and when something big is on the line, the absolute last person in the world you want to hold your football fate is Brett Favre. Ask my dad, I called this last week.

I’m curious to know why the media fawns over him so much. Even as much as it pains me to say it, the Jets didn’t play terribly yesterday, Favre did. And some of those interceptions he threw didn’t seem like they were due to any physical duress, they were just bad decisions that a quarterback with as much experience as Favre should have never made. And once again, Mr. Self Important costs his team big time when it counts.

It’s karma because when the Jets made this trade back in August I KNEW something like this would happen and I laughed, but now my team got a raw deal due to it. Serves me right.

But I am so proud of the Patriots and I’m sad to see the season end. Everyone left them for dead when Tom Brady got injured and once Matt Cassel shook off the rust, they were anything but. Sure, finishing with an 11-5 record and missing the playoffs is unfair, but that’s life and life is definitely not fair. And I’m happy the season ended with a fun victory in Buffalo and not a crushing loss in the playoffs. Hell, last year’s Super Bowl loss was so brutally painful, I still don’t think I’m over it.

Today, things could be much worse. We could be Dallas Cowboys fans. Man, what a meltdown. Or Broncos fans. Man, what a meltdown. Or Buccaneers fans. Man, what a meltdown. And I’m happy for Chad Pennington. BURN! If I was him, at the conclusion of the game I would’ve been running around the field with middle fingers blazing.




The one in which I insult half of America


  1. I can personally attest that being a Buccaneers fan today is excruciatingly painful.

  2. Doug

    This has been quite a season. I’m bummed to see it end like this. I have not met anyone who thinks Brett Favre is the QB the media hypes him up to be. I agree with everything you said. He chokes the big game. He did it last year with GB too! I am still not over the SB loss – so many questions for what happened in that game. And I think Matt is our QB next year. I have a hard time believing that Tom cares about coming back. It’s not a conspiracy theory, either. He showed little interest in the team this year from the off-season to pre-season.

  3. My sincerest condolences, Sarah. 🙁 Could be worse, you could be a Dallas fan. I can’t think of anything being worse than that, except maybe a Detroit fan.

    Doug, I love ya, but Tom Brady is the man. Yep. The Man with a capital “M”.

  4. I’m going to preface this comment by saying I think Favre should have stayed retired and not come back this year, so no love lost for any bashing he’s received lately since it’s been duly earned. I think his arm, at this stage of his life, is in fact dead and that the wear and tear of never missing a game over the past katrillion years has caught up to him. HOWEVER…

    Favre did not blow it for the Pack last year, Doug. Come on. I’ve seen pretty much every Packers game over the past decade and the number of times Favre directly caused their season to end can be counted on two fingers. Last year’s loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship is remembered by non-Packers fans as Favre throwing a god awful pick in OT. But to people who actually watched the game, it’s remembered as Plexico’s absolutely destroying any semblance of a GB defense. If the defense performs at all like they had during the regular season, GB wins that game with ease.

    In fact, take any game from the past decade where the Packers season ended and the vast majority of the times they were knocked out was because of the defensive shortcomings. 4th-42 against Philly in 02. Moss chewing up the secondary in 04. Vick scrambled for 900 damn yards a run in 02. Four tacklers unable to hit TO in the closing minutes of 01. The list goes on and on. Seriously, go back and look at each of GB’s knockout games over the past few years on and gander at Favre’s stats. They’re not nearly as bad as every Favre-hater seems to imagine.

    Last year we should have been an 8-8 team. GB had one of the youngest teams in the league and had no running back for the first half of the season. Was Favre the savior that the media makes him out to be? No, but put the majority of other QBs in his place last year and GB certainly ends up middle of the road.

    I’ll end with this. Everyone who hates Favre remembers the “gun-slinging” INT bombs they show during highlights, but look at the score during most of those horrendous throws. The Packers were usually down by 14 or 17 or 21+ by then (surprise, surprise) with only minutes to go. While most teams were simply running the ball out to hit the showers as quickly as possible, GB would always let Favre loose in those situations and 8 or 9 times out of 10, he’d hurt his own stats and GB would get the loss they’d earned that day. But every now and then, he’d make a crazy ass throw, they’d get an on-side kick or two, and holy crap how the hell did they win that game?!

    There’s a reason why fans in GB still carry a love for Favre that others don’t understand. Not only did Favre never make it seem like he was in it for only himself, but he always tried his damned hardest to win a game until the clock hit 0:00.

  5. Doug

    As soon as somebody talks about what is really going on with Tom Brady’s rehab and his DESIRE to play again, I will soften my stance on Mr. Hollywood. Nobody’s saying anything, that inflection slowed down his progress and it’s likely that the Pats will indeed franchise Matt for next year. The negative stuff seems more honest and with a lack of Tom saying he loves playing, he loves his team and he’s working really hard to come back, I don’t think he IS the man, but he WAS the man, and definitely HAS BEEN the man. What’s he done for the Pats, lately?

  6. Its a very though thing to hear this for a Dallas fan. Tom Brady’s rehabilitation and his desire to play again is really commendable.

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