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Super Bowl thoughts

1) The only thing a Prevent Defense does for your team is “prevent” it from winning.

2) All the commercials sucked except for Conan’s Swedish advertising adventure. Loved it!

3) I usually prefer officials let plays go before blowing the whistle because then the play can be reviewed and the correct call can be made. But why didn’t the officials review the final fumble/incomplete pass? They wasted everyone’s time just minutes earlier reviewing and obvious TD reception.

4) Larry Fitzgerald is still a beast.

5) The Cardinals have nothing to be ashamed about. They played with heart. And like I said, if anything cost them the game it was that fucking prevent defense on the Steelers’ final drive.

6) But then again, it was probably the Steelers running a variant of nickel and dime packages that allowed Arizona to get back into the game anyway.

7) I was in favor of James Harrison winning the MVP until I saw him punching some Arizona dude in the back. Stu-Pid.

8 ) And unlike Deion Branch, Santonio Holmes actually deserved the MVP trophy last night because he made some plays at critical times. Not just mere receptions but he hustled and fought for extra yards after the catch. I was also pleased the trophy was not just handed to the QB (nothing against Roethisberger or anything) like the way the MVP was handed to Eli last year when clearly, the Giants defense won the game.

9) Super Bowls should most definitely be like this every year. Blowouts suck.

10) And, although I would never trade in a Patriots Super Bowl, it is so much more relaxing just being able to enjoy the game without all the stress, anxiety, and emotion.


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  1. How do you think this year compares to last year’s Super Bowl are far as the dramatics and game play overall is concerned?

  2. W/o all the “stress, anxiety, and emotion”?! I was on pins and needles during the last drive and I’m a Skins fan! ha ha

  3. John, I had way too much vested interest in last year’s game and my brain has blacked out much of it to spare me from further agony so I’m going to say this year’s was much better. 😀

    I was on the edge of my seat too but not like when the Patriots are in it. If they were, I’d be dying. Literally. Biting my fingernails off. To the bone.

  4. i watched the 4th quarter and it was the first time i got into watching football, i’m not much for sports on tv, everyone said i came for the best part

  5. Well, Derl, you picked a good time to start watching.

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