In Bill I Trust (Part II): Matt Cassel Traded to KC

Figures, when the Patriots are having a huge free agency period I would have a poetry analysis essay due. How am I ever going to concentrate on modernist poetry (of all things) when the Patriots have finally pulled the trigger on one of the most asked questions of this offseason?! And by that I mean, Matt Cassel has been traded to the Kansas City Chiefs!

Of course with Bill Belichick on one end and Scott Pioli on the other, ZERO information is out about the details of this trade. It’s obvious now that Mike Vrabel was part of the equation.

I also have to note the irony that Kansas City is getting the quarterback who, if it weren’t for one of their defensive players knocking out Brady, would have remained in obscurity.

To all Kansas City fans, you guys have just gotten a GREAT linebacker, one who will lead your youth. He will be the on-field defensive equivalent of Tony Gonzalez. You also just got a quarterback who, while under IMMENSE scrutiny (it’s not like he was replacing just any Joe Schmo), succeeded and will only get better. Now, if you could just handle your dirtbag running back issue, you’d be all set.

3 thoughts on “In Bill I Trust (Part II): Matt Cassel Traded to KC

  1. I missed this and posted on the other blog. I am pissed! KC made out big time, there better be something we don’t know about?

  2. The Pats made a good trade. While Vrabes was awesome for years, last year he looked slow and he’s 34! The teams needs a younger linebacker corps. 8 years with NE was a good run. The team got picks for a good price and they freed up a TON of cap. Losing Matt was no biggie, and at least they got money for him. Now fire Dean Pees and drop Maroney and Bruschi.

  3. I think it’s a great deal. Love Vrabel and Cassel but they are exactly what Kansas City needs. I also think that the Patriots were trying to find the best situation for Cassel. Sending him to Detroit would’ve been a career death sentence.

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