I am in dire need of a vacay so the boyfriend and I are planning what could be one of the lamest getaways of all time. Yep, we’re planning a trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. OK, merely typing that made me ooze with lame. But hell, that’s probably the only spot in the contiguous United States that we can agree upon.

He’s never flown on an airplane before therefore the idea of flying is terrifying for him. That means our trip must be within realistic driving distance. I tried to explain to him that flying is so much safer than driving but he can’t get past the thought of hurtling 30,000 feet out of the sky to a fiery death. I guess he doesn’t pay attention to the daily news that always details at least one highway fatality. He’s also against the whole Disney thing but he’d be such a bore there anyway it wouldn’t even be worth it. And I don’t think I could ever convince him the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio is worthy of a 12-hour drive (I think it is, by the way).

As for me, I’ll pass on a binge-drinking fest. No thanks to a cruise. Keep your [insert party destination here]. I’d rather stay home.

So, as a compromise, I came up with the great idea of taking a trip to Gettysburg. The boyfriend likes all that spooky haunting stuff and I’m a geeky history buff. It’s win-win. We can do one of those nighttime walking tours and then visit all the history museums. And it’s probably around 8 hours of driving (piece of cake!) and CHEAP! I like cheap.

Of course, in order to successfully make the trip, I will have to rent a car. I’d fear crossing state lines into Pennsylvania with my Patriots license plates. Pennsylvanians scare me. Trust me, we have lots of family in Philly. They are scary. Especially when drunk. *shivers*