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Da B’s, C’s, P’s and R-S’s

21 April 2009


When I heard the Montreal Canadiens fans booing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in unison last night, I thought to myself, “C’mon Bruins, give ‘em something to really boo about.” Thanks, Bruins. That was awesome. I haven’t been this excited about hockey since the 1998 USA Women’s Olympic Team (Sandra Whyte is from my hometown). Best of […]

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As if I needed another reason to love Tom Brady

2 April 2009

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Last year it was the “Brett Favre: The Retirement, The Un-retirement, and Many Tearful Press Conferences” Fiasco. This year’s biggest off-season drama is the “Josh vs. Jay: When Matt Cassell Inadvertently Fucked Up the Denver Broncos.” Today, the Denver Broncos finally pulled the trigger – they traded quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. As […]

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