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Month: April 2009

Da B’s, C’s, P’s and R-S’s

When I heard the Montreal Canadiens fans booing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in unison last night, I thought to myself, “C’mon Bruins, give ’em something to really boo about.” Thanks, Bruins. That was awesome. I haven’t been this excited about hockey since the 1998 USA Women’s Olympic Team (Sandra Whyte is from my hometown).

Best of all, the game ended just in time to catch Ray Allen’s two-seconds-left three-pointer to lift the Celtics over the Bulls in Game Two. All this after I spent my afternoon listening to the Sox score 12 runs over hapless Baltimore.

But it all got me to thinking (I know, ouch, my brain hurts), if the Bruins were able to go on and win the Cup, ending their 35+ year championship drought that would mean the team with the longest period of time since its last championship would be… gasp… the Patriots. Could that even be possible?

As if I needed another reason to love Tom Brady

Last year it was the “Brett Favre: The Retirement, The Un-retirement, and Many Tearful Press Conferences” Fiasco. This year’s biggest off-season drama is the “Josh vs. Jay: When Matt Cassell Inadvertently Fucked Up the Denver Broncos.”

Today, the Denver Broncos finally pulled the trigger – they traded quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears.

As anyone with half a brain can tell you, I am not a Denver Broncos fan. In fact, I hate the Broncos. I’ve hated the Broncos for a million-billion years. I will never, ever, EVER forget Shannon Sharpe’s little “ha ha, call in the National Guard” comments on that afternoon when, yes, the Broncos were pummeling the Patriots. I hate that defeating the Broncos is practically impossible (I think the Patriots have only beaten the Broncos three times in the last 30 years). I even went so far as rooting for the Raiders (once) when they played the Broncos! It’s not on the level of my hatred for the Jets, but it’s close.

That said, I should find this whole Jay Cutler drama to be hilarious, but I don’t. Maybe it’s because I’m slightly bias since Josh McDaniels is now the Broncos head coach, but more than anything, I think it’s because Jay Cutler has come off as a giant baby. Sure, if I heard my team was trying to trade me, I’d be a little angry but months later when the owner called me, I sure as hell would answer the phone.

And after the public temper tantrum Cutler threw, it makes you think of the Red Sox’ Mike Lowell. All winter long everyone here was endlessly talking about getting Mark Teixeira and trading Lowell. Every newspaper. Every talking head on the TV. EVERYONE. Hell, the Red Sox owner himself personally tried to woo Teixeira here. And when Teixeira ultimately chose the Yankees, the city collectively mourned. But all the while, Mike Lowell didn’t utter a peep. When he showed up at Spring Training he said he was hurt (understandably) and then went on to get ready for the season. That’s it! No pouting to Jay Glazer. No whining about how dare they. In fact, it seems as though it’s a non-issue. He handled himself with class and dignity.

I don’t see what else the Broncos could have done. If Cutler had stayed he probably would’ve ripped the locker room apart, undermined McDaniels and driven the team into the ground.

This best sums up how I’d feel if I was a Broncos fan today.

But on the plus side, the Jets didn’t get him. 😀

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