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Dear Brett Favre

Dear Brett Favre,

Thank you for finally retiring. Now please go as far away as possible.



I’m a stupid fuck-up, didn’t ya know?


It’s almost football season


  1. Hey Angela, remember me? How does it feel to know that your beloved Red Sox won the world series in ’04 and ’07 because Manny and Ortiz were on roids? Well guess what, that means that your sorry team has not won a world series since 1918. By the way, how is Ortiz doing this year now that he is off the juice? Go Yankees!!!

  2. Mark

    I know it’s a fact in the NFL – the players you love WILL retire at some point (unless they are named “Brett Favre,” in which case they retire, cry at a press conference, come back, retire, come back, ad nauseum). But that knowledge does not make it easier when one of our beloved hangs up his cleats. FUCK OFF YOU ASSHOLE BEANTOWN FUCKFACED QUEER YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES COULDNT CARRY BRETT FAVRE’S JOCKSTRAP SO FUCK THE PATRIOTS RED SOX BRUINS AND CELTICS AND MOSTLY FUCK YOU!!!!!!

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