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13 years, five Super Bowls, three Rings, a million memories…

31 August 2009


This morning, the New England Patriots will host an “important announcement.” And, since Al Michaels can’t keep a secret, the world already knows that this occasion will be Tedy Bruschi announcing his retirement. I know it’s a fact in the NFL – the players you love WILL retire at some point (unless they are named […]

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Football season is upon us…

30 August 2009

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You know it’s almost football season when Dunkin Donuts unveils its Patriots-themed cups… While moving my sister’s crap into her newly purchased house today (yay!), I had to razz her boyfriend’s brother, who is *gasp* a Buffalo Bills fan by proudly showing off my Dunkin Donuts Patriots cup. Two weeks. Two looooooooooooong weeks.

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Still sick

23 August 2009


I have the cold that just will not die! I think it’s been more than ten years since I’ve had a cold that has kicked my ass like this. And it won’t go away, no matter how much OJ I drink, hours I sleep, NyQuil I chug… I’m still hacking up a lung and blowing […]

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Brady’s back!

14 August 2009


Tom Brady, oh how I’ve missed you.

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Take your Sports Hub and cram it up your butts

12 August 2009


This morning as I turned on my car, I heard something I never in a million years thought I would hear blaring from my radio. That would be the sound of P!nk on 104.1. It’s official. WBCN is now dead (except for HD radio apparently but who the hell as HD radio?) And for folks […]

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