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This morning, the New England Patriots will host an “important announcement.” And, since Al Michaels can’t keep a secret, the world already knows that this occasion will be Tedy Bruschi announcing his retirement.

I know it’s a fact in the NFL – the players you love WILL retire at some point (unless they are named “Brett Favre,” in which case they retire, cry at a press conference, come back, retire, come back, ad nauseum). But that knowledge does not make it easier when one of our beloved hangs up his cleats.

As Patriots fans, we were truly blessed to have a player like Bruschi on our team for his entire career. And what a career it was. I have so many wonderful Bruschi memories, it’s hard to count. Playing with his kids on the field, his snow “fireworks,” stepping out onto the field at Fenway Park mere months after having a stroke…

Tedy, we’re going to miss you like crazy!


Football season is upon us…


John Stephens


  1. Yup. What you said!!

    I was at that snow fire-works game and was on that end of the field when Tedy grabbed the INT and TD. My fav memory of him. That and his ranting about the NFL changing the rules to make things easier for some teams (cough-colts-cough coough) to win, and The Patriots still winning anyway. Always loved that.

  2. I also enjoyed last year’s Training Camp when he signed every autograph for every person he could. Even when a horn sounded and he told us he couldn’t sign anymore and had to go in, he made a face as if to say, “Screw it,” and kept signing.

  3. Doug

    He had an unusual and amazing NFL career thats for damn sure. He retired at the right time. You could see on Friday that retirement was imminent. One thing I gotta say, Patriots retire with real class. Troy Brown did it. Bruschi did it too.

    I got to meet Tedy 2 years ago and got him to autograph a Super Bowl Hoodie. He was a real class act. He called me by name, shook my hand, spoke with me for about 5 minutes and I got a picture with him.

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