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My new favorite Patriot

Now that my favorite Patriot (Rodney Harrison) has moved on to TV, and many of my other beloved Patriots are no longer with the team, I found it necessary to find my new favorite player. I now present you with Angela’s new favorite New England Patriot:

Jerod Mayo Time

He looks crazy mean, but not just plain crazy like Shawne Merriman, and not just plain mean like James Harrison.

Side note: My thoughts on Richard Seymour… sucks to be him. I betcha he never shows up in Oakland. Would you?


John Stephens


Happy New England Patriots Day


  1. He really does look mean, but nevertheless he is REALLY a great player.

  2. Chris

    The perfect storm for Oakland is that Seymour (who will go to Oakland) plays for the Raiders one year before going off somewhere else for the 2010-2011 season. In other words, the Raiders will be just as bad by the time the Pats get their draft pick as they are now. Poor them. I’m old enough to remember the time Oakland beat New England in the 1976 playoffs (high-school then). It was such a travesty of justice, which is why everything from the Tuck Rule to today puts a smile on my face.

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