Pats Pats Pats Pats

MeriweatherAt some point in the early second half, my dad said, “I don’t ever want to see these uniforms again!” That feeling changed in an instant, literally, when the Patriots fought back from an 11-point deficit to defeat the Buffalo Bills. And that was not luck, my Patriot-hating friends. That was a boneheaded decision by Leodis McKelvin to run out a touchback followed by a smart play by Brandon Meriweather to keep McKelvin’s knees off the ground while stripping the ball.

I’m also not convinced that the Patriots D was sucking like a sucky bunch of sucks like some other folks. I think the best Buffalo offensive scheme was its persistent no-huddle offense all. night. long. A body the size of Vince Wilfork’s should not be on the field for every down. It didn’t help when the Patriots’ top defensive playmaker, Mayo, went down either (Curse of the “Improper Bostonian” cover, perhaps?). And that’s not to detract from Trent Edwards efficient night. But the Patriots secondary looked pretty good last night. And the front didn’t look too bad until they were completely gassed by the no-huddle, as was clearly evident late in the fourth quarter when a slew of shockingly fresh bodies went out onto the field.

As for our beloved Tommy, he slowly got back into his groove, pass-by-pass. Laurence Maroney is another story… gawd. Even my patience is wearing thin.

But no thanks to the great comeback, I am now tragically sleep-deprived and will somehow have to endure the day while sleepwalking. I’m exhausted. Oh, and totally heartbroken over the loss of Patrick Swayze. Live on, Johnny Castle. *tear*

5 thoughts on “Pats Pats Pats Pats

  1. I’ll be happy to have the team back in Nautical Blue.

    I thought the secondary played quite well.

    Those roughing the passer calls were so BS.

    Maroney looked good in the 1st half, then reverted in the 2nd. He’s wearing pretty thin on me too. Put in BenJarvisGreenEllis.

  2. Playing a division rival is always tough. They know each other inside and out.

    The Pats are very good at making my heart stop for a bit.

    I kind of like the old uniforms. Brings back memories of listening to them on the radio with my Dad because they were blackedout.

  3. I thought for a while the reds were cursing them, but the Pats have had problems with the Bills D and pass rush before. Didn’t help Mayo went down.

    Last night was one of Maroney’s best nights! As much as I hate him, think he sucks, and is afraid of being hit (the losing yards, running slant, and dancing around) he did much better than he has in a long time. You have to agree!

    The Pats are always getting beat on the right, get rid of Kaczur and Neal!

    The roughing the passer call on Wilfork was crap!

    You can tell this is a young D and they need to learn their assignments and gel together. They blew at man to man last night!

    And um, the Bills O-line was pushing around our Pats front line pretty damn good! How can you say otherwise?

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