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What’s the point of typing a recap of the Patriots game when you can just get ten better versions from professionals on the vast internet?

I would like to revel in knowing that the many idiots I talk to were once again wrong when they suggested that there was “NO WAY” the Patriots were going to defeat the vaunted Baltimore Ravens, especially with the Ravens coming off their STUNNING victory over the AMAZING Cleveland Browns. Some idiots accused Thomas Brady of being “over-the-hill” and that he would never reconnect with Randy Moss ever again! Oh, and the defense… the defense which was “too old” last season with Bruschi, Harrison, Vrabel, and Seau now “sucks” without them. Make up your minds! (Side note: Adam Schefter thinks the Patriots are going to sign Seau this week. Yay!)

Part of my motivation for even starting this site was to publicly call out supposed Patriots fans who haven’t a clue about the team/game/NFL. I’m beginning to think that if it weren’t for my dad, I’d have NO ONE with whom to discuss football. How sad.

I don’t know why I care so much.

Anyway, weren’t the pink cleats and gloves that NFL players wore yesterday awesome?! For once, pink NFL paraphernalia isn’t a weak, sexist attempt to get females to purchase NFL apparel.


Not kewl


Icing on the cake


  1. I hear ya, even my favorite paper, Patriots Football Weekly is getting on my nerves a little these days. This past week they printed a letter from some moron suggesting Belichick should hang it up after this season. WHAT!????!

    That kind of crap is just a way to get newspapers off the stands. Please don’t waste my time and subscription money with that nonsense…

    The Denver game will be an interesting matchup

  2. Chris

    Certain media types around Boston deserve to be ‘called out,’ too. Your average fan can be excused for having a misguided moment, but not the media. Their job is to be more in-tune with what’s going on…not hedge their bets with some stupid contrarian viewpoint that allows them to be smug if the team loses, or off the hook if they win. Tanguay is Exhibit A.

  3. Yeah, did you hear Tanguay yesterday during the pre-game show? He was practically eulogizing the Patriots before they even kicked off.

  4. Chris

    In truth, I listen to as little of that stuff as possible. My iPod gets the nod most days in the car, tuned to downloaded Podcasts like the NFL Today from ESPN. 98.5 may have great signal that reaches ‘all the way up here to southern NH,’ but that only worsens the experience if insufferables like Tanguay are on.

  5. Tanguay needs to stick to the Celtics.

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