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StubHub is run by jerky Yankees fans

I don’t know if you’ve ever bought tickets from StubHub, but I have… Red Sox tickets, to be specific. And, when you purchase anything online nowadays, you subsequently receive loads of solicitous emails from the company. Today, I got a chuckle when StubHub sent out this doozy: “Get great seats to any Boston Red Sox playoff game”. Nice.


And then the apology which I received three hours later:


I wasn’t that upset about the Red Sox’ early exit but if they even try doing that after an untimely Patriots exit from the playoffs, there’ll be hell to pay! *waves fist*

ADDENDUM: Apparently, StubHub tortured Mets’ fans, too. It’s official: they are run by Yankees fans.


Icing on the cake


Patriots vs. Colts, 2009 Edition


  1. Chris

    If the Angels win Game 6 tonight, you won’t be able to cut the angst and hand-wringing down in NY with a chain saw.

    So, expecting them to win this series and move on, can you imagine the Hobson’s Choice for the Yankees? Win, and everyone will yawn. Lose, and everyone will laugh. Talk about your lack of ‘due respect.’

  2. I had a terrible experience with Stubhub in Seattle. Jerks!

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