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Patriots vs. Colts, 2009 Edition

Since the Colts moved out of the AFC East in 2002 (?), have you noticed the Patriots still seem to play them every single frickin year? 2009 is no different and I can guarantee NBC is psyched… no… thrilled… no… drooling with delight that Tom Brady is back this year and they are able to reap the benefits of a Manning vs. Brady match-up just in time for November Sweeps. And it’s especially important because, outside of football and “The Office,” I can’t think of ANYTHING worth watching on NBC.

My biggest complaint is that the game is on at 8:20. On a normal Sunday, I’m struggling to stay awake until halftime of the primetime game. Tonight, I’m going to be forced to go to bed much later and don’t even get me started on how badly tomorrow is going to suck (ESPECIALLY if the Patriots don’t win).


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I need some sleep


  1. melanie

    it is shaping up to be a good game so far. i like what i am seeing. of course this is a 60 min game. indy is a tough team to beat right up to the last seconds.

  2. So true. You definitely can’t relax. We have a healthy respect for Peyton.

  3. melanie

    oh angela, that game was a heartbreaker. of course it played out like i thought. nail biter right to the bitter end. faulk had that first down, that’s the worst of it. i’m shaking my head right now. boo.

  4. I’m convinced that the failed fourth down conversion would have been a success if they had let the Colts score right away. I thought it was like the intentional safety in 2003 Denver.

  5. The 4th and 2 call was definitely all or nothing, I don’t mind the call Belichick made. I don’t think it was lack of confidence in his defense as much as more confidence in his offense. And it is Peyton, he would’ve went 65 yards as easy as he went the 30 or so.

    Hope they meet again in the playoffs.

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