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Patriotless Sunday

Here’s another gem straight from my phone (mostly because I’ve reached new heights of laziness and can’t be bothered to sit up from my couch).

I really hate Sundays when the Patriots aren’t playing. Watching all the other games are just a tease.

So, to keep myself happy without a Patriots game, I ended up splurging by making pancakes (which were AWESOME) and go tanning.

And now, while I watch the intense Baltimore – Pittsburgh game, I’m dreading how late I’ll be up tomorrow night.


Yes, the Patriots are more important than just about everything except for oxygen and food


I’m rooting for the Jets today


  1. Tanning!? What’s that about?

  2. Hey, do you know what Boston looks like this time of year? Pale. I need a tan.

  3. Ha ha. Fair enough.

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