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My brain cells would have preferred to die via Jager bombs than this…

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m anti-movie theater. I hate driving all the way to the theater, looking for parking, standing in line to buy tickets, paying an arm and leg for popcorn that is a 1,000% mark-up of cost, trying to watch a movie with annoying teenagers talking behind me, trying to stumble through a filled aisle, down stairs, and into a filthy bathroom just to pee… no thank you. So instead, I make good use of my Netflix account. But, it also means I am horribly behind when it comes to movie IQ. For example, today, I watched the modern classic “Twilight” for the first time. So, due to the fact that I am tragically behind, please excuse me for a moment but…

What a steaming pile of horseshit! Teenage girls really like this garbage?! I think my 15-year-old self would have vomited ten minutes into it. And then she would have kicked my ass for watching the whole thing.

I can’t imagine even a 13-year-old not gagging at this line: “Your scent, it’s like a drug to me. You’re like my own personal brand of heroin. ” – Edward Cullen. *violent gagging*

Suckiness aside, I did like the score and the cinematography was nice. But it can’t overcome the putrid dialogue. And acting. And plot. And headache-inducing fight scenes. Did I mention dialogue?

I have never appreciated “True Blood” so much. Oh, Bill and Eric… save me from this insipid pile of puke.


I’m rooting for the Jets today


Today is Super!


  1. mellyh

    Yhe “acting” (and I say that loosely) in the Twilight flicks, is some of the worst I have ever scene. Well, except maybe when singers try to become actors (ala J Lo & Mariah Carey). LOL

  2. I would even put the teen movies of my youth (the “She’s All That” and so on) high above Twilight. Ten minutes in I was blown away by the fact that this movie was as successful as it was. The only acting credit I will give is Taylor Lautner. He’s a cutie pie. That’s probably why his role was expanded in the sequel?

  3. If there was a “Like” button for this post, I would’ve clicked it.

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