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Today is Super!

This morning, my dad imparted some of his wisdom on me regarding this year’s Super Bowl. “It’s impossible to enjoy a Super Bowl after your team wins a few,” he said. He added, “I used to always enjoy the Super Bowl, no matter who was in it. Not anymore.” So true, pops.

In general, Super Bowls just don’t feel like they used to. For one, the commercials aren’t that good anymore. My dad thinks good Super Bowl commercials died with the attempted assassination of the Budweiser Frogs. Which reminds me, I forgot how totally awesome Terry Tate, Office Linebacker is:

Secondly, the halftime shows have sucked for years. Were they ever good? Does anyone even watch them? They’re too long. I’d much rather the regular 15 minute halftime and save the concert crap for the MTV Video awards or something.

At least this year has a compelling match-up… Peyton vs. Drew. I’m sure it goes without saying but in our house, we’re all about the Black & Gold tonight; the “Who Dat” crew, if you will. You can imagine the frustration I had in trying to explain “who dat” to my dad. He still doesn’t get it. I don’t really either, for that matter.

My boyfriend summed it up perfectly when he gave me his five reasons for why he wants the Saints to win tonight:
“1. I hate Peyton Manning.
2. I hate Peyton Manning.
3. I hate Peyton Manning.
4. The Saints have never even been to the Super Bowl before so that’s cool.
5. I hate Peyton Manning.”

My only hope is that it’s an entertaining game.


My brain cells would have preferred to die via Jager bombs than this…


NFL rules

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  1. I actually thought Superbowl 36 with U2 was a great half-time show. Although I was a nervous puddle of nerves at the time..

    Terrible Terry Tate was cool.

    I like the boyfriend list. I’d substitute 4 for 5 but other than that it’s good. :-J

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