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Brady Face

26 November 2010


I suck, I know. But I’m trying, at least. I’m listening to some NFL Films music on Grooveshark as I type this. And this music makes me want to run around my living room screaming (in a good way). Maybe, I should load all this shit onto my MP3 player and maybe I’ll get pumped […]

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Thank you, Richard

22 November 2010


Another Sunday, another week the Jets barely squeeze out a victory. Watching my team’s archrival barely eek out a win each week is frustrating. And make no mistake, the NFL and the broadcasting networks might want you to think the Colts are the Patriots’ biggest rival but they are sadly mistaken (as usual). Now, we’re […]

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A picture is worth a thousand words

9 November 2010


Although I am so completely sick and tired of people talking about Tom Brady’s hair, this photo is something else.

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7 November 2010


It’s weird, football (specifically NFL) is the only sport I can watch any team play. For example, I’m sitting here, thoroughly enjoying Green Bay vs. Dallas. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Milwaukee Brewers-Texas Rangers game. I guess you could say I’m an NFL fan of the Patriots order. Yeah, I like that. But […]

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