It’s weird, football (specifically NFL) is the only sport I can watch any team play. For example, I’m sitting here, thoroughly enjoying Green Bay vs. Dallas. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Milwaukee Brewers-Texas Rangers game. I guess you could say I’m an NFL fan of the Patriots order. Yeah, I like that.

But I don’t like what transpired in today’s Patriots game. Shitty from the get-go – I’m looking at you, Rob Gronkowski. For crying out loud, can someone catch a pass Brady’s throwing?! I’m not going to go into some tirade about the defense and Peyton Hillis running for over 180 yards against them. They were doing a decent job until the offense choked it up and they were forced to spend most of the game on the field. And with the Patriots offense doing nothing, Cleveland could sit back and go into super clock burning mode. Yeah, I said it.

At least the Patriots will head to Pittsburgh pissed off (I hope).