I suck, I know. But I’m trying, at least.

I’m listening to some NFL Films music on Grooveshark as I type this. And this music makes me want to run around my living room screaming (in a good way). Maybe, I should load all this shit onto my MP3 player and maybe I’ll get pumped up enough to exercise or something. Maybe I should channel all this overexcited football-induced energy into something healthy. Did I ever tell you all about the time after the ’04 AFC Championship when I was so pumped up, I went outside without a jacket and shoveled four feet of snow off my car? Yeah… that’s the kind of pump-me-up shit I need. I figure, if the Patriots beat the Jets on December 6th, that should provide enough energy to keep me pumped until the playoffs.

God, I love football so much, it hurts.