I’m bursting with excitement

Written by Angela

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I love a pissed off Tom Brady

When I think about all the places my life has gone in the last ten years, there’s one constant. And that would be Tom Brady and the New England Patriots making my Sundays happy (for the most part).

I’m not going to lie, a decade ago, I started this website primarily as a medium to boast about the New England Patriots winning Super Bowl 36. That was it. Little did I know at the time that Tom Brady and the team would go on a bender, winning two more Super Bowls, racking up an undefeated regular season, and become one of the most successful – and detested (because that’s what winning a lot does to a franchise) teams in the entire NFL. The Patriots have become what the San Francisco 49ers were in the 80s. What the Steelers and Cowboys were in the 70s. This has been their decade and, as a fan, I’ve been happier than a pig in shit.

So you can see how I feel a bit sentimental that the Patriots are returning to the Super Bowl on the tenth anniversary of their first championship ever. I still consider that cold night in February 2002 to be one of the best of my life. Unmatched, even in the ten years and three Super Bowl berths since.

I don’t know what the outcome of next Sunday’s super rematch versus the New York Giants will be. I think the Patriots can win, but then again, I’m hopelessly optimistic. I think they can win the Super Bowl every year. What I can say is I am bursting open with thankfulness to the team, Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, and Bill Belichick. For just a few months each year, I forget about life’s bullshit. I’m able to put life’s problems on the back burner and enjoy my favorite thing in the whole world: football. And I’m able to watch a competitive team.

So, we’re entering the countdown to Super Bowl 46. Pray for me that my head doesn’t explode before kick off.

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  1. benjamin says:

    baseball is awesome. go braves.

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  9. baseball is awesome.and Wonderful post!

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  11. Shylo Cruse says:

    I love Baseball & Cricket.

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  14. InspectPro says:

    Our Patriots RULE the NFL! So glad I came across your blog. Brady truly is a modern day legend and I too will be sad to see him retire. Keep up the great blog posts BB!

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  16. Excellent blog. I’m able to watch a competitive team.Thanks

  17. jessy says:

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  19. Amel Ryan says:

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  21. Baseball is a very interesting game. like it.

  22. wonderful baseball, i love it.

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  24. Very interesting game.. like it.

  25. Who watched the Superbowl over the weekend?

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  30. pankaj says:

    I like this game co much but i can’t play in This Dress..

  31. Sagar says:

    Nice post and keep up the good work.

    I love cricket very much.

  32. Tad says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the statement the Patriots have become what the 49ers were in the 80′s. Nice read. I came across this page while trying to take my mind off work at our family run carpet cleaning company here on the Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne.

    I don’t know if you love other sports but I’m really digging the world cup at the moment. Unlucky for the US to draw with Portugal at the last minute.

  33. shela sikder says:

    baseball!!!i love to play this game so much.

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