This here marks my valiant return to the world of blogging.

This website is nearing its 15th birthday. That’s pretty fucking old for anything, let alone a stupid website. My site is older than freakin’ Facebook, for crying out loud. So let’s give it a go and return to it to its mediocre greatness.

What’s happened since I last regularly updated this website…

…well, I’ve gotten a lot older (and wiser methinks), entering my “late” thirties. I actually like my thirties much better than my twenties, that’s for sure. I liken it to playing the game of Life but finally knowing the rules. I may not be a master but at least I’m not still stuck in the drama of my twenties. Though, it would be nice to have the 20-something metabolism back…

…and playing house with engaged to the man of my dreams. The wedding is tentatively planned for April 2018, though few things give me more anxiety than planning, and being the featured attraction, at a wedding. So, I imagine we’ll be stopping in Vegas before long to get it over with in the most ridiculous way possible.

…I’ve actually found a great job and every day I get to support researchers who are going to change the world. Despite my crippling imposter syndrome, it’s a rewarding job. I could do without the aggravating commute each day, though. More on that later…

…I’ve gained and lost more than 50 pounds three times. I quit smoking and became a runner for a while. I even ran a few 5Ks (no joke!!!). This time around, I joined Weight Watchers at work, which is hilariously depressing when I realize just a beer or two can throw me over my day’s allotted Smart Points. I can’t even drink away the sadness of being a chunk. Boo hoo.

…I’ve cried tears of both joy and agony along with my brethren in Patriots Nation. I followed so many attorneys during Deflategate, I now own a Twitter JD (goes nicely with my Google PhD). I am also well-versed in the Ideal Gas Law and I will debate you until my teeth fall out (or your teeth, for that matter). I’m nothing if not an unapologetic Tom Brady homer. That man has brought me more happiness than almost anyone on the planet (fiance included) and I am not ashamed to admit that. So, please, if you want to remain friends with me, don’t bring up Deflategate, unless you want to tell me how much you think Roger Goodell is a big fat fuckface.

…Oh! And I’m also mommy to a little furball cat named Baxter. I’ve made the decision that my womb is out of service forever so a cat is the closest I’ll get.

…I’m also Auntie to the best little nephew ever!! I’m slightly obsessed. But it’s hard not to be when your nephew is the smartest, funniest, cutest little boy ever. He’s such a little dude and it has been a pleasure to watch him grow up so far.

So I think we’re all caught up. I have a lot planned for the remainder of 2016 so this should be interesting.