I didn’t have a dog in the fight but I was leaning toward Cleveland in the World Series just because I miss Terry Francona and think the Sox did him dirty on his way out of Boston. But then I started reading the stories of all the old timers, waiting their entire lives, 70, 80, 90 years or more, just to see the Cubs win a World Series. I only had to wait seven years to see the Patriots win their first Super Bowl (though, I should note that my dad did have to suffer much longer, as well as enduring Super Bowl XX in person). I couldn’t even imagine waiting 80 years (!!!) to see them win a championship.

Watching this video brought me back to the joy of February 3, 2002. I was just a stupid 22-year-old back then, not fully grasping how hard it is for a professional team to win the championship. It also reminded me of just how fucking lucky we have been.

You can call sports stupid and trivial but the true feelings they arose are anything but.

Congratulations, Cubbies Nation (or whatever you call yourselves). Here’s to hoping that no fanbase every has to endure a championship drought so long again… unless it’s the NY Jets. Fuck those guys. 😉