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Bad Mood

“We’re all pretty much in a bad mood. There is a mourning process that goes on with our team, our coaches, players. We hate losing. It’s not something we’ll ever get used to. It sucks. The whole week sucks, actually.” – Tom Brady

What a coincidence because whenever the Patriots lose, I’m in a bad mood all week, too!

Today at work, I was chatting with one of our sabbatical professors who was telling me amazing stories about Ryan Fitzpatrick and how big Willie McGinest is in person, and then he casually, matter-of-factly dropped that he has watched a few games with Robert Kraft in the owner’s box. Wow! I’m dropping degrees of separation with my most beloved people on the planet!

Bad Edelman!

Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman is arrested for indecent assault and the first thing I can think of is, “Hey, Julian Edelman cut his hair! FIN-ALL-Y!”

I just hope the accuser is not lying.

Brady rolled

To know me is to know my undying love affairs with all things New England Patriots. Another thing to know is that when you mess with one of my 53 boys, you’re going down. My colleague discovered this when he thought it would be funny to draw a mustache and beard on one of the Tom Brady photos that adorns my desk. I was also benefited by the fact that said colleague was away for the week giving me ample time to prepare.

I present to you all my crowning prankster achievement…. the Brady-Roll…

For his enjoyment, he can now view Tom Brady all day:

I brightened up his shelves with a touch of Brady flair:

and my favorite… making his Redskins stuff better:

So here’s the deal…

I hate this site. I hate the name – which I came up with as a 21-year-old moron. If only I had known back then how lucrative it would have been if I had registered a boatload of domains.

Anyway, I hate this site. I don’t want to write on it anymore. I think it’s lamer than lame.


Because I’ve had it for nearly ten years, and that’s almost an eon in internet years, I’ve decided to slightly reformat it.

Gone is anything not sports-related. (It’s not gone, gone. Just moved to somewhere else)

In is anything sports-related.

No more meaningless ramblings. Instead, expect ENDLESS NFL lockout rants. Among other things.

Here’s to new beginnings!

Thank you, Richard

Another Sunday, another week the Jets barely squeeze out a victory. Watching my team’s archrival barely eek out a win each week is frustrating. And make no mistake, the NFL and the broadcasting networks might want you to think the Colts are the Patriots’ biggest rival but they are sadly mistaken (as usual).

Now, we’re at the point in the season where I’ve gotten to watch the Patriots get two of the three MUST WINS. #1 the Steelers, and #2 the Colts. And I shouldn’t have to tell you which is #3.

But speaking of the Steelers, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Richard Seymour for doing what I (and I’m sure many other women) wish I could do myself… slapping Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger :

Thank you, Richard! Now, I think I should start a collection to help Seymour pay his fine. I’d definitely donate.

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