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Brady Face

I suck, I know. But I’m trying, at least.

I’m listening to some NFL Films music on Grooveshark as I type this. And this music makes me want to run around my living room screaming (in a good way). Maybe, I should load all this shit onto my MP3 player and maybe I’ll get pumped up enough to exercise or something. Maybe I should channel all this overexcited football-induced energy into something healthy. Did I ever tell you all about the time after the ’04 AFC Championship when I was so pumped up, I went outside without a jacket and shoveled four feet of snow off my car? Yeah… that’s the kind of pump-me-up shit I need. I figure, if the Patriots beat the Jets on December 6th, that should provide enough energy to keep me pumped until the playoffs.

God, I love football so much, it hurts.

Thank you, Richard

Another Sunday, another week the Jets barely squeeze out a victory. Watching my team’s archrival barely eek out a win each week is frustrating. And make no mistake, the NFL and the broadcasting networks might want you to think the Colts are the Patriots’ biggest rival but they are sadly mistaken (as usual).

Now, we’re at the point in the season where I’ve gotten to watch the Patriots get two of the three MUST WINS. #1 the Steelers, and #2 the Colts. And I shouldn’t have to tell you which is #3.

But speaking of the Steelers, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Richard Seymour for doing what I (and I’m sure many other women) wish I could do myself… slapping Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger :

Thank you, Richard! Now, I think I should start a collection to help Seymour pay his fine. I’d definitely donate.


It’s weird, football (specifically NFL) is the only sport I can watch any team play. For example, I’m sitting here, thoroughly enjoying Green Bay vs. Dallas. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Milwaukee Brewers-Texas Rangers game. I guess you could say I’m an NFL fan of the Patriots order. Yeah, I like that.

But I don’t like what transpired in today’s Patriots game. Shitty from the get-go – I’m looking at you, Rob Gronkowski. For crying out loud, can someone catch a pass Brady’s throwing?! I’m not going to go into some tirade about the defense and Peyton Hillis running for over 180 yards against them. They were doing a decent job until the offense choked it up and they were forced to spend most of the game on the field. And with the Patriots offense doing nothing, Cleveland could sit back and go into super clock burning mode. Yeah, I said it.

At least the Patriots will head to Pittsburgh pissed off (I hope).

Patriotless Sunday

Here’s another gem straight from my phone (mostly because I’ve reached new heights of laziness and can’t be bothered to sit up from my couch).

I really hate Sundays when the Patriots aren’t playing. Watching all the other games are just a tease.

So, to keep myself happy without a Patriots game, I ended up splurging by making pancakes (which were AWESOME) and go tanning.

And now, while I watch the intense Baltimore – Pittsburgh game, I’m dreading how late I’ll be up tomorrow night.