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7 November 2010


It’s weird, football (specifically NFL) is the only sport I can watch any team play. For example, I’m sitting here, thoroughly enjoying Green Bay vs. Dallas. I wouldn’t be caught dead watching a Milwaukee Brewers-Texas Rangers game. I guess you could say I’m an NFL fan of the Patriots order. Yeah, I like that. But [...]

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Patriotless Sunday

29 November 2009


Here’s another gem straight from my phone (mostly because I’ve reached new heights of laziness and can’t be bothered to sit up from my couch). I really hate Sundays when the Patriots aren’t playing. Watching all the other games are just a tease. So, to keep myself happy without a Patriots game, I ended up [...]

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Yes, the Patriots are more important than just about everything except for oxygen and food

24 November 2009

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I am so frickin pissed today, I’m having a hard time expressing it in words. Let me try… There I was, high off the glory of accomplishment because today I finished a whopper of a project. Today, I finished a project so big, it was one of the main reasons I was even brought on [...]

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23 November 2009


So, Jets head coach Rex Ryan felt disrespected by the Patriots yesterday afternoon. To that I say…

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Patriots-Jets rematch

22 November 2009


Halfway through the third quarter of today’s Patriots-Jets game, my dad asked me, “Are you going to tell the internet how mad I am?” Oh yeah, he was crazy pissed. I haven’t seen him that angry in a while and his rage wasn’t directed at the officials or the opposing team but at my beloved [...]

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