39 Reasons I Love the Patriots
To know me is to know my endless devotion to the New England Patriots. I can think of thousands of reasons I love the Patriots, in honor of the team’s appearance in Super Bowl 39, I listed the top 39 reasons I love my team so much. Enjoy!

The Yankees Suck
Boston is a baseball city and there is nothing worse to a Bostonian than a New York Yankee. 26 Times too many.

The Shrine
One cannot put a monetary figure on my love for the Patriots. I love them so much so that I spend copious amounts of money on officially licensed merchandise with their logo on it.

Once upon a time, my dad and I were discussing the disgusting injury to Joe Theismann, which was broadcast live to the world. My curiosity was piqued and I set out to find the video online. Weeks later, I finally found the FULL video. This section was born.