These are some of the many videos I have on my hard drive. They will be taken down when site bandwidth becomes tight so I’d recommend saving to your own hard drive.

Joe Theismann
Joe Theismann Leg Break Video – 1.1 MB – WMV
The infamous, career-ending injury endured by Washington Quarterback Joe Theismann. Circa 1985.
Willis McGahee
Willis McGahee Leg Break Video – 1.4 MB – WMV
Obviously not a career-ending injury but horrific nonetheless, this is video from the Fiesta Bowl in which Willis McGahee, then a Miami Hurricane back, incurred a massive knee injury against Ohio State.

Napoleon McCallum Leg Break Video – 4.8 MB – MOV – QuickTime
Probably one of the most horrific sports injuries ever captured on video, Napoleon McCallum’s leg injury, endured on a Monday Night Football game in San Francisco in 1994, nearly caused him to lose his leg! This injury is one that would make Gumby himself cringe.

Chicago Bears Super Bowl Shuffle – 12.5 MB – ASF
They beat the bag out of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl 20 but a stellar defense wasn’t the 1985 Chicago Bears’ only skill… Boy could those men sing and dance!