Welcome to The Shrine! Come on, take the tour!

History of The Shrine. There have been many incarnations of The Shrine since its inception. It all began in January of 1997 when the Patriots defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars in the AFC Championship. In honor of the Patriots’ impending Super Bowl appearance, my dad began hanging up various Patriots photos around the living room. He took apart an old Patriots calendar, hanging each photo. Also, my dad’s birthday is January 28th and we decided to throw him a surprise party with a Patriots theme. We hung streamers everywhere. My dad liked it so much, he left everything up long after the Patriots’ subsequent loss to the Green Bay Packers.

When we moved to a new apartment, my dad decided to display the many Patriots memorabilia he had collected over the years. He bought a cabinet to display these items and within a year, the Patriots were back in the Super Bowl and defeated the St. Louis Rams thus earning their first ever NFL Title. That’s when The Shrine began growing RAPIDLY.

There were now many Super Bowl Champion items for sale, and with the two subsequent Super Bowl championships, so many more items were added. The Shrine has now taken over the entire living room and there are even items in the kitchen and bathroom.

So, here begins our tour… Keep all hands and feet inside the car at all times.

When you first walk into my apartment, you are greeted with a full cardboard cut-out of Tom Brady. My best friend Heather stole this from a bar in Florida for me and even brought it on the airplane as her carry-on item.
Tom Brady

When you enter my living room, the couch and goal post are on your left. The goal posts were handcrafted and painted by my father.
Left side of room

On the left you will see our Patriots lamp, and the Steve Grogan wall.
left left

The figure-point of this wall is the Steve Grogan Day poster my dad miraculously kept pristine when he received it at the game. The wall also features commemorative pins from Super Bowls 36 & 38 and autographs from Ben Coates and Chris Slade

steve grogan poster

Behind the goal post, my FAVORITE item of The Shrine hangs… our Rodney Harrison autograph.
harrison autograph

To the right of the goal post is our Super Bowl Wall.

super bowl wall