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Lord of the Rings

Photo Jun 14, 10 41 45 PM

Anytime I worry about Tommy, I have to remind myself that he is just fine. Yesterday was another reminder as he received his Super Bowl 49 Championship Ring, along with the rest of the 2014 Patriots – other than Revis who has now missed the only ring ceremony he will probably be invited to.

Photo Jun 14, 10 24 30 PM

I can’t wait for Ring #5!

She’s baaaaaaaaack


And I’ve got a lot to say. Deflategate, for starters.

Do stay tuned as I clean up the mess.

46 Reasons Why I Love The Patriots

My website has been around for ten years (officially tomorrow – Feb. 5, 2002 was the original registration date) and it has seen four Super Bowls now. Back during Super Bowl 38, I devised a list of 38 Reasons why I love the Patriots, which I quickly updated the next year for our third Super Bowl run – a list that you can still find here. I started a “42” list but never got around to finishing it. And when you-know-what happened, the half-finished draft sat in my WordPress queue for years. True story.

Now that the Patriots have finally returned to the Super Bowl, I felt it was time to really update the list… also considering most items from the “39” list no longer apply. I present to you, my new and improved “46 Reasons Why I Love the New England Patriots.” And don’t laugh. I worked very hard on this list.

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I’m bursting with excitement

I love a pissed off Tom Brady

When I think about all the places my life has gone in the last ten years, there’s one constant. And that would be Tom Brady and the New England Patriots making my Sundays happy (for the most part).

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Dear Patriots Nation,

It is not time to fire Bill Belichick, for fucks sake.

Why don’t we wait until we have a losing season or something (which we haven’t had in ten fucking years) before we start calling for the coach’s job.

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