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Broken Hearted

Sure, the Patriots kicked the Denver Broncos in their shins last night. Sure, the Patriots almost never beat the Denver Broncos. Sure, Matt Cassel put up Brady-esque numbers last night. It all means nothing to me because my favorite player EVER may have played his last down last night.

The last thing I said to my dad last night regarding Rodney Harrison prior to his potentially career-ending injury: “Rodney’s not dirty. He’s just passionate.”


I’m not gonna lie. My eyes teared today as details of Rodney Harrison’s quad injury emerged. I nearly balled when the guys on WEEI discussed Rodney’s shot at the Hall of Fame. When I got home from work, my dad asked me how I was doing as if I had just lost a friend. In other words, today sucked.

And no, I didn’t take Tom Brady’s injury this hard. Why? Well, for starters, it’s almost a given that Brady will be back next season. AND, considering how many playoff games Brady has started (17… no shit, that’s a full season plus one!), maybe he could use a year to heal.

And before you say, well Rodney’s lost a step… Yeah, and that’s why he’s second on the defense in tackles (27) behind only 22-year-old Jerod Mayo. And spare me the HGH argument. He was punished. Unlike other stars, he admitted his mistake.

Rodney’s injury leaves a gaping hole on the defense. Although, unlike last time when Rodney was injured, we have James Sanders to fill in instead of Eugene Wilson. That’s a whopper upgrade.

So, while the team pulled off a great victory last night (which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way), I can’t truly be happy today because now, I fear, I will never see Rodney Harrison play again. 🙁

Get better, Rodney! Come back if you can but if not, I’m going to miss you like crazy. 🙁

*runs off crying*