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Game 5


These frickin prime time Celtics’ playoff games are KILLING me. Seriously, I was only able to muster four hours of sleep last night. FOUR! I’m way too old for that kind of night.

At least it was worth it. Go, Celtics!

Sorry, this is the best I could muster given I only got four hours of sleep last night.

Let’s Go Celtics *clap clap clap clap clap*

I’m going to tell it to you straight. I hate the L.A. Lakers. Honestly, I don’t even like basketball that much. I mean, I like it enough to watch games and no matter what, I always want the Celtics to win. I grew up in the Larry Bird era, ya know? But for some reason, I hate the Lakers on a level usually reserved for the New Jersey York Jets. I get pangs of anger much like that when I see the New York Yankees. For whatever reason, the Lakers and their celebrity fans make me want to barf. And punch things.

I don’t know who’s going to win this series. All I know is, Boston better win. Go, Celtics!

Da B’s, C’s, P’s and R-S’s

When I heard the Montreal Canadiens fans booing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in unison last night, I thought to myself, “C’mon Bruins, give ’em something to really boo about.” Thanks, Bruins. That was awesome. I haven’t been this excited about hockey since the 1998 USA Women’s Olympic Team (Sandra Whyte is from my hometown).

Best of all, the game ended just in time to catch Ray Allen’s two-seconds-left three-pointer to lift the Celtics over the Bulls in Game Two. All this after I spent my afternoon listening to the Sox score 12 runs over hapless Baltimore.

But it all got me to thinking (I know, ouch, my brain hurts), if the Bruins were able to go on and win the Cup, ending their 35+ year championship drought that would mean the team with the longest period of time since its last championship would be… gasp… the Patriots. Could that even be possible?

Daniel Graham hates Boston :(

8 billion years ago I subscribed to Sporting News and for some crazy reason, they keep sending it to me despite not having renewed the subscription for the last 7 billion years. Not that I’m complaining though… I like Sporting News, especially since its recent retooling.I’ve got all my old editions with Tom Brady as the “Sportsman of the Year” and all the years Boston was selected as the “Best Sports City of the Year.” You can imagine how excited I was Friday afternoon when my copy of SN was jammed through my apartment’s mail slot and I saw that Boston had once again received this prestigious honor. It would’ve been nice if Dan Shaughnessy hadn’t written the article but whatever. No complaints.

But then I read through the other 400 cities Sporting News ranked. A random assortment of cities were highlighted with famous figures writing a blurb about why their hometown is #1 and I noticed our old friend, Daniel Graham, former Patriot and current tight end for the Denver Broncos wrote about why Denver is the Best Sports City in America.

“I don’t like Boston,” he writes. “I hate the Celtics, and I hate the Red Sox. I really wasn’t too much into baseball, but they make you choose, you know? Red Sox or Yankees. So I was a Yankees fan.”

OUCH! I guess Vince Wilfork never invited him to a Celtics game.

Daniel Graham adds, “They weren’t selling out anything in the basketball arena, but all of a sudden the Celtics got some good players and they’re all basketball fans again.”

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN! Although, I can’t really argue that one. B.K.G. (Before Kevin Garnett) they really weren’t selling out. But then again, who wants to spend their hard-earned cash on a team with the most losses in the Eastern Conference? It was also depressing given the history of the team.

I just didn’t realize Graham hated us so much. Maybe he’s just bitter about all the times he dropped gimmie passes from Brady in the end zone? Who knows.

It feels like an eternity

It’s been a few months now since that fateful evening in February when my…. *gasp* …Patriots lost… *gulp* …the… *ugh* …Super… *vomit* …Bowl. BUT… in fewer than two weeks, my dad, sister, and I will be driving down to good ol’ Foxborough for the start of Patriots Training Camp! The season is so close, I can almost taste it! (And I do realize that wishing for football season is also wishing away the summer, but I do not care. Screw summer).

And, although that horrible Sunday night feels like just yesterday, so much has happened since:
* I learned to knit.
* The Boston Celtics won a World Championship.
* David Ortiz went on the D.L. ¹.
* Sister moved out.
* My office moved.
* I got a raise.
* Cigarettes went up a $1.50 (which could play a huge role in the season when it comes time for me to smoke my “defensive cigarettes ²”).
* Boyfriend got a new job.
* The New Kids on the Block reunited.

…I mean, this is like a whole different planet since Super Bowl 42! It’s like an alternate universe where I do something girly like knit while grooving to NKOTB.

I haven’t really thought about the Patriots too much in the last few months, partly because it was too painful, and because I knew it was like FOREVER until the season began again. But when WEEI announced yesterday that, in addition to Patriots Monday, they will now also be doing Patriots Friday, I could no longer keep my mind off my beloved Pats.

Now, if I can just wait patiently for two more weeks…

¹ “Disabled list,” not to be confused with “Down Low.”
² A “defensive cigarette” is a cigarette that I MUST smoke while the Patriots defense is on the field. This cigarette is crucial to the overall performance of the Patriots D. Think I’m full of it? Since I’ve been smoking my defensive cigarette, the Patriots have attended five Super Bowls, winning three of them.

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