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Chargers-Colts: the aftermath

Quote of the day, in regards to Adam Vinatieri’s missed field goal in last night’s Indianapolis loss to the San Diego Chargers:

“Even as a Colt, Adam Vinatieri is still helping the Patriots secure homefield advantage in the playoffs.”

And don’t ask me where that came from… I read it somewhere at 6 o’clock this morning before my coffee was brewed. All I can say is, I wish I thought of that first.

I’m not going to sit here like a smug jerk that gloats after a Patriots’ rival experiences a tough loss (unless it’s the Jets). Sure, I enjoyed last night’s game but to be completely honest, I don’t like either team. Actually, I’m going to go out on a limb here… there’s a big difference between my dislike of the Colts and my dislike of the Chargers. Let me explain…

This is sort of like New England heresy, but as a team I don’t hate the Colts. In fact, I kind of like the Colts (besides Bill “Turd” Polian). As a football fan, I’ve enjoyed watching the explosive Colts offense in recent years. I’ve always liked Tony Dungy, even back in his Tampa Bay days. Dare I say, I even rooted for them in the Super Bowl – a little bit. 😉 If anything, what I do hate about the Colts isn’t even really their fault, it’s the media’s portrayal of the Colts and it’s been that way for years. I hated being subjected to, “there’s no way the Patriots beat the Colts,” talk during our Super Bowl years. It pissed me off that Tom Brady never got any respect (until now of course). It’s the Gregg Easterbrooks of the world making up this “Good vs. Evil” crap that I hate.

LT crybaby

On the other hand, the Chargers as a team – I don’t like. I didn’t think L.T. was ever going to shut up about last year’s playoffs. Philip Rivers may see Ellis Hobbs as the “sorriest corner in the league,” but if he really wants to look at sorry, he should probably start looking in the mirror after the kind of play he’s been exhibiting in recent weeks. What’s even more moronic is what the team did to Marty Schottenheimer, firing him after a 14-2, top-seed season, and not only firing him but waiting until after most of the top coaching prospects had already signed with new teams!

I will even go as far as saying the Week 2 victory over the Chargers gave me more joy than last week’ victory over the Colts.

So, aside from the obvious bolstering of the Patriots home field advantage possibility throughout the playoffs, I really didn’t care much about who won or lost last night.

I think the Colts and their fans are getting a harsh taste of what it’s been like to be a Patriots fan these last few years. Brady won’t admit he had inferior talent but he brought his team to the AFC Championship last year with a cast-off from Houston, an overachieving 35-year-old, and an at-best third or fourth receiver from San Diego. And Brady almost pulled it off. How many times did a crucial player for the Patriots fall only to have some “who dat” fill his shoes? In the days when Dan Koppen had to fill in for Damien Woody and Asante Samuel had to fill in for Ty Law, they were “who dats”.

My dad and I would always say, “you’re only as good as your depth.” Here’s another favorite football cliche, “Win with what you got.” And my absolute favorite line in regards to the Colts apologists, the Patriots won a Super Bowl with their backup quarterback. 😀

Give me a break – San Diego edition

Here we go again… and I’m not talking about the Patriots playing in another AFC Championship.

“When you go to the middle of our field and start doing the dance Shawne Merriman is known for, that is disrespectful. They showed no class and maybe that comes from the head coach,” said running back LaDainian Tomlinson. From what I saw, it looked like one player, James Sanders, was dancing in the field. That makes the entire team classless? Isn’t it worse when Merriman is doing said dance in the face of the player he just clobbered?

Shaun Phillips says he will never forget. Are you kidding me?

It’s the same old story… the Patriots beat a team that was HEAVILY favored and that team begins with all the post-game bullshit. The Raiders, to this day, believe we cheated our way to the AFC Championship in January 2002. The Colts bitched and moaned so much about our game that the play of all NFL defensive backs was changed with the new enforcement of the illegal contact rule. Here we go again… now the Patriots are classless. What’s the old saying… don’t confuse jealously with hatred?

I spent some time this morning trolling the message boards of the San Diego Union-Tribune. Much was nice, respectful, and classy. There were even Patriots fans there making nice comments and there was a discussion about how the Manning brothers suck (remember Eli’s order to San Diego to not draft him?)…

Listen, San Diego is more talented, more successful this season, more balanced… none of it matters at all. Statistics are for losers. Now, having beaten what I consider to be the best team in the NFL, I don’t see the Patriots losing to Indianapolis. Nope. I don’t see it.

Woah, Patriots beat Chargers 24-21

Wow. The New England Patriots, MY NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS just beat the best team in the NFL. Wow. I’m shaking so hard, it’s incredibly difficult to even type this. I wanted the Pats to win but San Diego was/is a formidable foe… probably the best.

Kristina gets the game ball today. She came home early in the third quarter and it was all downhill from there. Kristina is known for her good luck. She was our lucky charm.

I think I’m going to faint.